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Harassment Prevention Training in Human Resources

Your boss has questioned your plans to *****clude harassment prevention training in next year's budget. He said, "We don't have any harassment around here. Why do we need this kind of training?" What are some of the reasons an organization should ***** harassment prevention training?

First ***** all, it might behoove this boss to remember that simply because t***** has not been a complaint at this date does not mean ***** harassment ***** not and is not occurring within the *****. *****, for any problem, ***** the best cure, and before a lawsuit is brought before the organization it is wise ***** address the problem, and to show that ***** organization cares about the issue. Secondly, a gentle reminder to ***** boss might be in order that male and fe***** perceptions of what constitutes harassment may ***** radic*****y different. Even legal scholars have disputed whether a 're*****sonable person' or a 're*****sonable woman' standard is the best standard to have, when determining if something ***** or is not harassment. Regardless of where the boss stands on ***** legal dispute, ***** fact that men and women often speak d*****ferent 'languages' and have different standards of what constitutes harassment is important to keep in mind. Discussing the issue, finding out how to diffuse tensions, and also simply understanding that different people may ***** different comfort levels within ***** organization is also vital in preventing possible misunderstandings.

***** even if what the boss says is true, and that there are no tensions at a very high level between the genders ***** potenti*****lly approach the legal definition of *****, even social dis***** can result in lost productivity. *****nce, a workshop on harassment preventi***** could potentially be a huge benefit to the comp*****ny. Additionally, attitudes in the workplace are constantly chang*****g, and what was not considered harassment 20 years ago is unacceptable today, thus it is important, regardless, for the company to instate such training as part of its general ***** routine, ***** it does become a problem in ***** future, ***** no one ***** predict what the employees of ***** company's of the future will believe, look, or sound like.

You recently interviewed an African American candidate, but did not hire her. When she found out she did not get the job, ***** called ***** office and said she felt the hiring decision ***** discrimina*****ry ***** ***** was considering taking legal action. What laws would she base this on? To justify your employment decisi*****, what *****ors ***** to be addressed?

***** to The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex and national origin. If this African American ***** was denied employment based upon her race or gender, the office would ***** in violation of federal employment law. To protect itself, the office might wish to point ***** its policy that it is an Equal Opportunity Employer or demonstrate that Afric*****-***** employees are present


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