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Health - Exercise Benefits



***** Statement: "Regular exercise is extremely beneficial to human health in multiple ways."

Weight Control

Obesity ***** a near epidemic ***** the U.S.

Obesity is a known cause of many serious medical conditions

Regular aerobic exerc*****e corresponds to better long-term weight management

Regular resistance exercise increases lean muscle mass, which also contributes to increased metabolism and weight control

Heart Disease

Regular ***** improves circulatory efficiency

Regular exercise strengthens the heart muscle and overall circulatory health


***** exercise prevents arthritic changes in cartilage

Regular weight bearing exercise reduces age-related bone density loss

***** exercise increases long-term flexibility, range ***** motion, and mobility of joints

***** exercise maintains the shock absorbency ***** cartilage tissue


***** exercise is associated with reduced incidence of depression ***** shorter, less severe symptoms among sufferers

Regular exerc*****e reduces the levels of stress hormones like cortisol


According to medical researchers and ***** practitioners, regular physical exercise is an essential part of long-term medical health. Aerobic ***** is a fund*****mental component of ***** control *****d circulatory ********** and regular physical exercise of all types correspond to lower ***** of illness and skeletal problems, and even improve psychological wellbeing (Larson-Duyff 2002). As a result, the U.S. Surgeon General and the National Institutes ***** Health (NIH) have initiated numerous programs designed to improve ***** health of all Americans by promoting ***** exercise for school age-children, adults, and senior citizens, a***** (NIH 2006).

Weight *****:

The U.S. Surgeon ***** has determined that overweight and obesity ***** are at near-epidemic levels (***** 2006) ***** ***** obesity is directly rel*****ed to higher susceptibility to diabetes, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, and many *****ms of cancer. One of the most disturbing statistics relates to ***** connection between overweight in childhood and chronic adult obesity (Baldauf 2008).

Regular aerobic exercise is *****strumental in maintaining healthy body weight and resistance exercise that increases muscle ***** further contributes to ***** weight management because ***** proportions of muscle to non-muscle body composition corresponds to higher basal metabolic rates ***** caloric expenditure, even at rest (Sizer & Whitney 2003).

***** Diseases:

Regular exercise places mild ***** on the circul*****ory system that causes ***** vessels to retain greater resiliency and capacity for optimum blood flow, which significantly reduces ***** forms ***** circulatory ***** and heart diseases (Taylor, et al 2005). The heart itself is a muscle, *****nd like all muscle *****, it responds to regular exercise by increasing in strength and ***** the efficiency of its contractions.

Individuals who exercise *****ly maintain lower resting heart rates than non-exercisers ***** is usu*****y considered to be one measurable ***** of good health.

***** converse is also true, in that lack of regular exerc*****e contributes to ***** accelerated ***** deterioration of blood vessels and ***** the loss of cardiac strength and ***** circulatory efficiency (HHS 2007).


***** relatively recently, exercise was overlooked in the prevention of age-related chronic osteoarthritis; ***** fact, exercise was believed to cause arthritis


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