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***** objective of this work is to conduct an inven*****ry ***** various communication channels utilized within the skilled nursing organizations and to compare and contrast ***** various organizations methodologies for disseminating health information with internal and external organizations. This ***** will identify any improvements that could be made and make recommendations.


The work entitled: "AACN Standards for Establishing and Sustaining Healthy Work Environments" states that the 2001 American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN) made a commitment to *****ctively promote the creation of healthy work environments that support and foster excellence in patient care wherever acute and critical nurses practice." It is related that th***** commitment is upon the basis of the dedication of ***** Association ***** "optimal patient care and the recognition that the deepen*****g nurse shortage cannot ***** reversed without healthy work environments ***** support excellence in nursing." (2001) Medical errors can be in great part attributed to "unhealthy work environments" stated to include "demoralizing and unsafe conditions in *****places." Patient safety ***** only e ensured through staff recruitment and retention enhancement ***** through maintenance ***** the "organization's financial viability." (AACN, 2001) Because of the commitment ***** AACN to support work and care environments "...that are safe, healing, humane ***** respectful of the rights, responsibilities, needs and contributions of all people-including patients, their families and nurses" there have been six standards identified as a requirement in the est*****blishment of healthy work environments and in sustaining these environments. Those six standards are inclusive of the following: (1) Skilled Communication; (2) True Collaboration; (3) Effective Decision Making; (4) Appropriate Staffing; (5) Meaningful Recognition; and (6) Authentic Leadership. (*****, 200*****)


Today's organizations lack the forum in which ***** may be *****volved in ***** ***** ***** communication with and among skilled ***** ***** to ***** the required level of communication ***** collaboration as set out by the AACN (2001) and this is not for lack ***** an effort but instead is due to ***** extreme shortage of ***** nursing staff. There are however ex*****ting organizations such ***** the Healthcare Communications Association which was also formed in 2001, however, this organization was ***** primarily for pharmaceutical companies and practitioners. The 'Coalition for Healthcare Communication" organization when searched with keywords 'skilled nursing staff' returned a 'sorry no p*****ges found with your keyword' indicating a gap in the communication network ***** skilled nursing staff in ***** communication ***** for health care issues under debate ***** analysis. ***** work ***** Thornby (2006) entitled: "Beginning the Journey to Skilled Communication" ***** that often skilled nursing staff were found ***** ***** avoiding communication with physicians who were known to be aggressive or abrasive instead of becoming competent in ***** communication. It is additionally noted in ***** (2006) that skills development is needed among *****day's skilled nurs*****g ***** in order to enable competent ***** communication among skilled nursing staff and o*****r practitioners and *****.


The information reviewed and reported


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