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Healthy People in Healthy Communities

***** People 2010

The United States is in pretty bad physical shape. More children and adults alike are not only considered obese, but they live a lifestyle conducive to maintaining a d*****ngerous Body Mass Index. In an effort to curtail th***** vicious cycle, the ***** States Department of Health and Human Services has created a long-term program aimed at the overall improvement of Americans' ***** and mental health.

Healthy People ***** is a multi-f*****ceted ***** developed to cre*****e self-awareness, responsibility, and overall healthy lifestyle choices for all Americans (Healthy People 2010 Homepage). There are two main goals set forth by the program, each containing several sub areas. Firstly, ***** United States Department of Health and ***** Services wishes to extend both life expectancy ***** increase over***** quality ***** life for all Americans. Secondly, the program aims ***** eliminate differences in health between the rich and ***** poor ***** the able and the disabled. The program aims to r***** citizens of all economic levels, treating each person equ*****y within the health care system.

In order ***** track its effectiveness a series of le*****ding health indicators (or LHIs) ***** been created to better segment ***** different ***** set forth to focus on for a national ***** turnaround. The ten areas defined are physical activity, overweight/obesity, tobacco use, substance ab*****, responsible sexual behavior, ***** health, injury and violence, environmental quality, immunization, and access to health *****. The main focus ***** the program is at comb*****ing the current major health weaknesses and ret*****ing healthy *****styles plaguing the nation with a subsidiary focus on creating healthy decisi***** making in the first place.

Healthy People 2010 is actually nothing more than ***** statement of the ***** set ***** by the *****. The actual implementation of the program ***** ***** *****in a rel*****ted ***** called HealthierUS (Healthy ***** 2010 and Steps ***** a Healthier US: Leading Prevention). The goal of ***** is to create lia*****ons with local hospitals, physicians, businesses, governmental, and non-governmental agencies to all concurrently promote the same program. The public view will be a consistent message from a variety ***** angles *****in daily American life, creating an awareness ***** ***** urgency ***** personal health responsibility. A third leg to the program is called Steps to a Healthier US which focuses on the prevention of ***** health choices ***** create ***** quality of life and overall health, leading to an improved society at large.

Impact to Community

***** order for the goals of the Healthy People 2010 program ***** work, *****re needs to ***** a great amount of de*****ry of the message on the local level across the country. The United ***** Department of Health ********** Human ***** has already contemplated this requirement and has developed a multi-dimensional marketing and implementation plan. In order to gain widespread attention and recognition, actor and comedian Bill Cos***** was enlisted as ***** program's endorser ***** h***** created a series of public service messages *****out the program (***** Cosby Public Service Announcements). ***** more


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