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Hercules was the son of the god Zeus and ***** born in Thebes to Alcmena. Zeus's wife, Hera, was jealous of Alcmena and sent serpents to kill Hercules when he was an infant. T***** infant Hercules killed ***** serpents. However, ***** was not satisfied to leave ***** alone. In fact, it is Hera's continued interference in Hercules' life that led to his status as Greece's ultimate hero. (Wikipedia).

The legend of Hercules would be incomplete without the stories of his 12 labors. However, though the ***** made Hercules Greece's most famous hero, they were rooted in tragedy. ***** only performed the labors ***** punishment for kill*****g his wife and children in a fit of insanity. After praying to Apollo for guidance, Hercules ***** told that he would have to serve Eurystheus for 12 years, in punishment for the murders. (Crane). As part of his *****, Hercules ***** 12 Labors, which were difficult feats that appeared impossible. (Crane).

*****' first labor was to kill the lion of Nemea, ***** was made more ***** because the lion's skin could not be penetrated by spears or arrows. (Skidmore). The second labor was to kill a nine-he*****ded hydra. Hercules' third ***** was to capture ***** Cerynitian hind, which was sacred to Artemis. Hercules' fourth labor was to ***** and bring back a huge bo*****r, the Erymanthian boar alive. Hercules' fifth labor ***** to clean out King Augeas stables in a single day, ***** Hercules accomplished by re-routing two rivers. *****' sixth labor was to eradicate the Stymphalian birds, which inhabited a marsh near Lake Stymphalus in Arcadia, and may ***** eaten human flesh. Hercules' seventh ***** was ***** rid Crete ***** a fire-bre*****thing bull. Hercules' eighth labor was to bring Eurystheus Diomedes' mares, which dined on the flesh of travelers who accepted ***** assistance. (Skidmore). The ninth labor ***** to retrieve Hippolyta's (the Queen of the Amazons) girdle, ***** would have been easy, except that Hera told ***** Amazon that the Greeks had captured Hippolyta. The tenth ***** was to retrieve cattle belonging to Geryon. Hercules' eleventh task was to steal golden apples from the Hesperides. Hercules' final labor was to capture Cerberus ***** ***** him up ***** the underground.

In addition to his labors, Hercules completed several other ********** ventures. He freed Theseus and Prometheus. In addition, he wrestled death in order to return ***** friend Admetus' wife from the dead. (Hamilton, 240). ***** also continued to get into trouble; after accidently killing a servant, Hercules was given to a Queen ***** act as her *****, and she made ***** dress like a woman. In addition, he ***** death in order to return his friend ***** wife (Hamilton, 240).

Al***** he survived all of his adventures, Hercules ***** ***** immortal. ***** f*****, it was common jealousy ***** killed him. His wife, Deianara, believed Hercules was in love w*****h anot*****r. A centaur had given her a ***** potion, which she used on Hercules' robe. The ***** was actually poi*****, and when Hercules donned the


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