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Homo sapiens, like any other species, share certain determining features. We are bipedal and walk upright. We have opposable thumbs that enable us to manipulate objects ***** *****ols. We ***** advanced language and learning capabilities that surpass those of all other animals. Human females ovulate once every month and the gestation period for humans is approximately nine *****s. Except for differences in gender, genetics, and abnormalities, human be*****gs ***** basically biologically the same. Though some will have straight hair and blue eyes while others sport curly hair and brown *****, ***** are constructed alike. Our brain chemistry is no exception: all human beings sh***** similar ***** ***** ***** functions, despite the wide variances in personality, behavior, and *****telligence. However, ***** these hard-wired similarities among ***** beings, no one can doubt that each person is unique, partly due to socio-cultural fac*****rs. Our biology unites us where our environment serves to preserve diversity within the *****. Human beings are fundamentally the same, but socio-cultural factors create the illusion of difference.

However, any glimpse into a family or community will enlighten the observer to the differences that exist even ***** a similar racial group. Both biological and ***** factors may differ in human *****. Some people are born with diseases that impede healthy brain or body functions. These abnormalities create unique human beings, despite our underlying similarities. Although a ***** of people will sh***** physic*****l traits in common, psychological factors separate ***** person from another, ***** ***** identical twins. Because each person learns differently, children ***** the same family ***** seem vastly different despite their similar appearances. Differences in bra***** chemistry and hormones can also account ***** some ***** the differences between people. Mental disorders like depression or schizophrenia segregate human beings the same way physical maladies and diseases can. Even though human ***** itself does not vary, individual expression varies greatly.

Human ***** is both biologically and socio-culturally determined. Universal ***** biology creates limitations on our actions and determined our basic tendencies to act in ***** *****s. For example, most people are like ***** in ***** urge for self-preservation. We all feel hunger, thirst, and o*****r signs of d*****comfort. But people are also prone to *****s of altruism. Even ***** who have yet to learn the laws of society tend ***** act in empathetic ways. Yet much ***** what informs ***** beliefs and behavior is culturally and socially determined. Learned ***** ***** from culture to culture. From an early age, children learn through observation. Though the neural structures *****d central nervous systems of all people ***** ***** ***** same, what ***** ***** or ***** decides to teach varies greatly. Social rules and mores are not universal like neurochemicals *****; they separate people into cultural groups. Gestures and behavioral patterns of the parents will be incorporated into the child's personality structure. Although ***** ***** are born ***** four limbs, how ***** limbs express emotions through body language will vary from culture to culture. All ***** people have the ability to speak and create


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