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Honda Motor Company


Honda ***** Company (NYSE: HMC) is a worldwide producer of motorcycles, automobiles and power products. They are the #6 automobile manufacturer in the world, the #1 motorcycle manufacturer and the #1 eng*****e maker. Based out of Tokyo, Honda trades on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and as an ADR ***** the New York Stock *****. The firm employs approximately 185,000 workers. In addition to ***** physical products that Honda produces, the firm also earns income from ***** Financial Services, which provides financing for consumers with which to purchase Honda products. Despite a long his*****ry of strong growth, Honda has recently struggled, as have almost all automotive **********.

In 2008, ***** company's profits showed deterioration. Fin*****y, in Q3, which ended 12/31/08, Honda lost money, almost 4 trillion. This paper will analyze Honda, and attempt to determine whether or not ***** remains a good investment. The ***** history, fin*****ncials and future outlook ***** all be analyzed. At the end of the paper, a recomm**********tion will be made ***** respect to Honda's stock.


Honda was founded by Soichiro Honda in 1946 and the next year introduced its first product, which ***** ***** A-type bicycle engine. The company was reorganized in 1948 as Honda Motor Company. The ***** continued to focus on mo*****rcycles throughout the 1950s, and in 1959 opened their first outlet ***** the United States, a small storefront in Los Angeles. By 1963 Honda had begun manufacturing *****, beginning with the S500 sports car. In 1966, the company introduced its ***** compact car, the product that would eventually bring it tremendous success in North America.

***** ***** was spurred ***** ***** introduction of the ***** Civic, which debuted in 1972. The ***** ***** ***** first overseas manufacturing facil*****y in ***** United States in 1979, making it the first Japanese automaker to do so. The company continued to build on ********** success in the American automobile market throughout the 1980s. ***** launched ***** Acura division in 1986 and by 1989 had the best-selling car on the market in the Accord. The company ***** this point had also expanded into a wide range of other products, including ***** tools, lawnmowers, generators, boat engines and other engine-drive *****.

Throughout its history, H*****da has been one of the technological leaders in the automotive industry. ***** ***** long proved to be a substantial source of competitive advantage. ***** company is now a leader in robotics and has moved ***** aircraft manufacturing. Honda is also at ***** head ***** the curve with respect to developing vehicles powered by alternative sources of energy.

Financial Data

In the past five *****s, Honda has enjoyed steady *****, hampered only recently ***** the global economic *****wnturn. Honda ***** profitable, liquid and in generally sound financial position.

The ***** has grown revenues steadily over the past ***** years. Revenues ***** increased 47% in ***** past five years, a strong number for a firm ***** derives the bulk of its sales from markets that are both mature and intensely competitive.


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