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Hotel and Hospitality Industry: Catering to the Affluent Middle East Today and in the Future


Some of the fastest growing travel and tourism destinations that have emerged in recent years are the Middle East in general and Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates, ***** particular. Despite the potential of external threats in the region, the hotel and hospitality industry has enjoyed a booming business as hoteliers, restaurateurs and o*****rs seek to capitalize on this growing industry in an increasingly affluent regi***** of the world. While *****re ***** a number of constraints ***** doing business in the United Arab Emirates, all signs po*****t to continued growth and many international chains have already heavily invested in Abu ***** in an attempt ***** gain market share while the getting is good. Clearly, time is of ***** essence, but it ***** important to identify the characteristics of ***** market and what can be reasonably expected from a venture capital investment in the hotel and hospitality *****dustry in the ***** Arab ***** *****day. To this end, this paper provides an overview ***** the international hotel *****d ***** industry and the travel and ***** ***** that accounts for the lion's share of its revenues, followed by an assessment of initiatives underway in ***** *****on that are reflective ***** current trends in the region. A summary of the research, salient f*****dings ********** recommendations are presented in ***** conclud*****g chapter.

Review and Discussion

Background and Overview.

Given its enormous economic impact, it is little wonder ***** the hotel ***** hospitality industry has attracted a growing amount of interest from both researchers and practitioners alike; never*****less, the harsh realities ***** real-world management in th***** industry frequently elude academicians and ********** need for more research in this *****a is clear. In th***** regard, Montgomery, Lip*****z and Brehmer (2005) emphasize that, "In general, research enquiry about the hotel and hospitality industry and its participants is steadily accruing, although in a fairly haphazard fashion. Its development has often been reported as being hindered by a lack of underst*****ing and communication between academics and *****. Gaining access to key participants within organizations is problematic, and using methodologies that are deemed useful ***** ***** practitioners are seen ***** be ***** key importance" (p. 343).

There are also some ***** trends in the hotel and hospitality *****dustry that suggest targeting a specific ***** ***** assumed new relevance and importance in recent years, with more and more *****s and restaurants assuming a "one-size-fits-all" approach to their service deliver. For instance, in their book, Tourism ***** Postcolonialism: Contested Discourses, Identities and Representations, Hall and Tucker (2004) report ***** the same forces that are driv*****g globalization are having a homogenizing effect on the hotel ***** ***** industry *****d*****y: "Global culture may be comforting for the contrast avoider tourists ***** for the contrast seeker tourists it is experientially unexc*****ing. Beachfront resorts, shopping arcades of chain stores, ***** airports, urban waterfront developments, hotels and restaurants ***** all essenti*****y replications of each other, part of an international, corporate


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