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A house for Mr Biswas ***** for ***** Biswas" by V.P Naipal

This famous work of fiction by V.P ***** deals with the life and experiences of Mr Mohun Biswas and his search for success and fulfillment in life. The novel takes place ***** Trinidad after its colonial period. It should be noted that the book is not entirely fictional ***** many critics *****e the relationship between the main character and the author's fa*****r: "Naipaul's father, Seepersad, is the prototype for Mr. *****" (Study Guide For A House for Mr Biswas).

***** central theme of the book can be summarized as ***** search for freedom and independence. ***** is essentially a story about a m*****n who ***** various *****ms of oppression ***** misfortune and who desires ***** own house. In the novel the house ***** be seen as a central symbol for freedom from oppression and humiliation ***** it is representative of the desire for self-fulfillment and self-actualization.

Therefore, on *****e level the novel can ***** interpreted ***** the personal ***** or striving of the main ***** in the face of numerous failures and d*****appo*****tments. ***** this sense the ***** is about human dignity ***** the refusal to be oppressed ***** circumstances and failure in the effort ***** achieve your dream. On ano*****r level the novel deals with the issues and problems facing people in a postcolonial world and the way ***** *****y are affected by colonial rule and domination.

The main character continually meets obstacles and failure in his endeavors. His life is difficult and traumatic ***** the very beginning. A pandit or scholarly teacher predicts that ***** life will not be successful and ***** he will cause the death of his *****. It seems that fate is against Mohun from the ***** beginning.

***** early ***** is filled ***** ***** and difficulties and ***** his father dr*****s, Mohun and his family have to live with wealthy relatives. This again emphasizes the theme ***** loss of freedom and humiliation. It should also be taken into account that the society and culture in which the ***** takes is very class and caste conscious. In other words, the divisions evident in the ***** and the fact ***** ***** ma***** character has to ***** with his affluent relatives, serves to exacerbate ***** sense of failure and humility. The subsequent development of his life becomes even more traumatic ***** difficult. After staying with the alcoholic Bhandat, ***** leaves ***** find ***** and success in the *****.

However, ***** pattern of failure and disappointment continues in the novel and t***** is increased ***** a growing sense of powerlessness in ********** face of *****. Central to this theme is h***** marriage ***** the Tulsi family. The marriage itself is a mistake and comes about as a result of romantic advances that Mr. Bisw***** makes to the daughter of client ***** are misinterpreted. Both his new wife, Saham, and her family are extremely domineering and ***** increases the ***** of the main character's lack ***** freedom


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