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ICU Care and ICU Environment


The ICU is an intensive and often chaotic work environment for nurses ***** patients alike. Some authors have described the ICU ***** as one where patients often enter in a st*****te of physiological crisis; as such it is vital that nursing activities be structured in a manner to promote ra*****r than inhibit patient recovery (Cilik, et. al, 2004). Further most patients admitted ***** intensive care units are more likely to be distressed, anxious and alarmed which may negatively impact recovery or their ability to sleep (Cilik, et. al, 2004). Lack ***** sleep and other factors may affect patient outcomes.

It is increasingly important ***** nursing staff understand any and ********** factors contributing to positive or negative ***** outcomes within the ICU. Multiple studies ***** been conducted examining ***** effects of nursing care in the ICU and ***** ICU environment on patient ***** rates. From these studies researchers have determined a number ***** v*****riables may influence patient recovery. ***** ***** factors identified include familial visitations, which ***** promote a more c*****ring, comfortable and relaxed environment within the ***** (Gonzales, et. al, 2004). In some cases however, ***** as in the case when children visit adults ***** an ICU environment, increasing tensions ***** *****xiety may result (Clarke, 2000).

Other factors, which may contribute to an improved *****, include collaboration between nursing staff, other he*****th technicians and primary medical ***** providers (Cilik, et al, 2004). Still other studies suggest that nursing ***** must take advantage of technological advances within the ICU environment to facilitate optimal ***** care (Wilkstrom & Larsson, 2003). There is clear evidence that the ***** environment ***** ***** by the overall commitment and dedication proffered by skilled and caring ***** whose primary intent is promoting patient recovery and comfort (Wilkin ***** Selvin, *****). These ideas ***** more are summed in the research articles provided below.

***** 1 - "Sleep d*****turbance: The patient ***** ***** applied at the night shift ***** the intensive c***** unit."

***** this ***** study the authors intend ***** d*****ermine how the frequency and type of ***** activities in sed*****ed vs. non sedated patient care wards on the ICU affect patients sleep and recovery rates. The study was ***** on a surgical ***** care unit ***** involved a group of 30 sedated and ***** non0sedated patients. Nursing care was delivered to patients for twelve hours ***** measured on three consecutive nights. The results of the study suggest that more invasive procedures were performed on sedated rather than non-***** patients ***** facilitate a better outcome.

Specifically the researchers attempted to answer how nurses working in surgical ***** *****es utilize ***** time and ***** determine what the ***** ***** types of nursing activities were that could be applied to sedated and non sedated patients. The study s*****s ***** continuous activities performed on all patients included blood pre*****ure and temperature monitoring, back and mouth care and suctioning. ***** authors suggest that ***** activities nurses engage in are meant to maximize physiological stability ***** patients


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