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ICU Care and ICU Environment


The ICU is an intensive *****d often chaotic work environment for nurses and patients alike. Some authors have described the ICU ***** as one where ***** often enter in a st*****te of physiological crisis; as such it is vital that nursing activities be structured in a m*****nner to promote ra*****r than inhibit patient recovery (Cilik, et. al, 2004). Further most patients admitted to intensive care units are more likely to be distressed, anxious and alarmed which may negatively impact recovery or their ability ***** sleep (Cilik, et. al, *****). Lack of sleep ***** other factors may affect patient outcomes.

***** is increasingly important that nursing staff understand any and *****l factors contributing to positive or negative patient outcomes within the ICU. Multiple studies ***** been conducted examining ***** effects of nursing care in the ICU and the ICU environment on patient ***** rates. From these studies researchers have determined a number ***** v*****riables ***** influence patient recovery. Some positive factors identified include familial visitati*****s, ***** may promote a ***** c*****ring, comfortable ***** relaxed environment within the ***** (Gonzales, et. al, 2004). In some cases however, such as in ***** case when children visit adults in an ICU environment, increasing tensions *****d anxiety ***** result (Clarke, 2000).

Other factors, which may contribute to an improved environment, ***** collaboration between nursing *****, other health technicians and primary medical ***** providers (*****, et al, 2004). Still other ***** suggest ***** nursing staff must take advantage of technological advances within the ICU environment to facilitate optimal patient care (Wilkstrom & Larsson, 2003). There is clear evidence that the ICU environment is ***** by ***** overall commitment ***** dedication proffered by skilled and caring nurses whose primary intent is promoting patient recovery ***** comfort (Wilkin & Selvin, *****). These ideas and more are summed in the research articles provided below.

Article 1 - "Sleep d*****turbance: The ***** c***** activities applied at the night shift in the ********** care unit."

In this research study the authors intend ***** determine how the frequency ***** type of ***** activities in sedated vs. non sedated patient care wards on the ICU affect patients ***** and recovery rates. The ***** was ***** on a surgic*****l ********** care unit ***** involved a group of 30 ***** and 30 non0sedated *****. Nursing care was delivered to patients for twelve hours ***** measured on three consecutive nights. The results of the study ***** that more invasive procedures were per*****med on sedated rather than non*****sedated patients to facilitate a better outcome.

Specifically the researchers attempted to answer ***** ***** working in surgical ICU unites utilize their time and ***** determine what the ***** and *****s of nursing activities were that could be applied to sedated and non sedated *****. The study shows that continuous ***** performed on all patients included blood pressure and temperature monitoring, back and mouth care and suctioning. ***** ***** suggest that the activities nurses engage in are meant to maximize physiological stability ***** patients


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