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The impact of global integration pressures and local responsiveness ***** on Global marketing strategies: Focus on Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola.

***** Marketing Strategies

Study Background

The following pages address the issue of multinati*****al companies' marketing strategies in relation with pressures from the global environment. The research study will focus on describ*****g the relationship between global integration pressures and ***** responsiveness ***** and ***** strategies developed and implemented by multinational companies. The ***** will also address the marketing dimension of two ***** the most important companies in the world: Coca Cola and Pepsi.

The research study also ********** the need of adapting the ***** strategy in accordance with the intensity of ***** integration pressures and local responsiveness pressures and their impact. The research method was based on secondary information. In this case, secondary information are more reliable, they have lower costs and require less instruments for analysis.

***** Gap

***** the term "pressure" does not seem to reveal this, global integration pressures usually determine a positive modification in the strategic behavior of companies, especially mult*****ational ones. Local responsiveness *****, however, are ***** dangerous. *****y can either have ***** or negative effects on companies' per*****mance and global strategy.

*****, in both cases companies can turn the situation to ***** advantage. The ***** of these pressures requires a cert*****in type of ***** marketing strategy. If the ***** is correctly ***** and implemented in order to suit the characteristics of the market in case, any company can maintain its competitive advantage.

Research questions

This research ***** aims at finding ***** answer to certain *****, or at least to find directions that must be followed in a more thorough search for the *****s in case. These questions are:

To what extent do global integration pressures and local responsiveness pressures ***** the global marketing strategies regarding Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola?

Is there a signifi*****t difference in profit and market share performance among companies facing global responsiveness pressures ***** local responsiveness pressures?

***** Objectives

The research objectives ***** this study intends to achieve are:

***** ***** the importance of globalization's influence on marketing strategies

To find ***** degree ***** influence of global ***** pressures on marketing strategies

To find the degree ***** influence of local resp*****siveness pressures on marketing strategies

To find the adaptability of large companies' ***** strategies to globalization related *****

To find differences between companies' home marketing ***** and abroad marketing strategies

Research hypotheses

The ***** subjected to this research study are:

Global integration pressures and ***** responsiveness pressures have a ***** influence on global market strategy ***** company performance

Standardization ***** are ***** suitable in today's global context

The intensity of ***** ***** pressures and local ***** pressures determines the ***** ***** strategy implemented by each company

Literature Review

The need for integrating marketing strategies in the global context

Over the past decades, the process of ***** has modified all business processes, ***** in the case of large companies that address international markets. Local companies that only activate *****mestically were also forced to


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