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The impact of global integration pressures and local responsiveness pressures on Global marketing strategies: Focus on Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola.

Global Marketing Strategies

Study Background

The following pages address the issue of multinational companies' marketing strategies in relation with pressures from the ***** environment. The research study will focus on describing the relationship between global integration pressures ***** ***** responsiveness ***** and ***** strategies developed and implemented by multinational companies. ***** ***** will also address the marketing dimension of two of the most important companies in the world: Coca Cola and Pepsi.

The research study also addresses ***** need ***** adapting the ***** strategy in accordance with the intensity of ***** integration pressures and local responsiveness pressures and their impact. The research method was based on secondary information. In this case, ***** information are more reliable, they have lower costs and require less instruments for analysis.

Research Gap

***** the term "pressure" does not seem to reveal this, global integration ***** usually determine a positive modification in the strategic behavior of *****, especially ***** ones. Local responsiveness pressures, however, are more dangerous. ********** can either have positive or negative effects on companies' performance ***** global strategy.

*****, in both cases companies can turn the situati***** to their advantage. The ***** of these pressures requires a cert*****in type of global marketing strategy. If the strategy is correctly ***** and ***** in order to suit the character*****tics of the market in case, any comp***** can maintain its competitive advantage.

Research questions

This research study aims at finding ***** answer to certain *****, or at least to find directions that must be followed in a more thorough search for the *****s ***** case. These questions are:

To what extent do ***** integration ***** and local ***** pressures determine the global marketing strategies regarding Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola?

Is there a significant difference in profit and market sh***** performance among ***** fac*****g global responsiveness pressures and local ***** pressures?

***** Objectives

The ***** objectives ***** this study intends to achieve are:

To ***** the importance of globalization's influence on marketing strategies

To find ***** degree of ***** ***** global integration pressures on ***** strategies

To find the degree of influence of local resp*****siveness pressures on marketing strategies

To ***** the adaptability of large companies' marketing strategies to globalization related *****

To find differences between ***** home marketing strategies and abroad marketing strategies

Research hypotheses

The ***** subjected to ***** research study are:

Global integration pressures and ***** responsiveness pressures have a ***** ***** on global market strategy ***** company performance

Standardizati***** ***** are most *****able in *****day's global context

***** intensity of global integration pressures and local responsiveness pressures determines the type ***** strategy implemented by each company

Literature Review

The need for integrating *****ing strategies in the global context

Over the past decades, the process of globalization has modified all business *****es, ***** in the case of large companies that address international markets. Local ***** that only activate ********** were also forced to


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