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The Importance of Physical Education in schools and colleges

***** importance of ***** Education at schools and colleges

Physical education has become an important issue that is seen by many educators as an essential aspect of the overall *****al program at ***** and ***** in the country. This concern is based on a number ***** contemporary issues. The first is that ********** has been a decline in the perceived importance of physical education at schools and colleges. (Drane et al. 2004) ***** decline has raised concern in the light of the recent reports ***** an increase in obesity among the youth in ***** United States. While ***** exercise ***** physical exercise *****s are seen as important ***** terms of general health and well-being, the evidence of ***** relationship between obesity and the lack ***** ***** exercise ***** raised this ***** to ano*****r level and increased the importance of physical education at our schools and colleges.

The importance ***** physical ***** in schools ***** colleges in the United States was first realized in ***** 1950s'. Studies at that time indicated that students in American colleges were less physically fit compared to their counterparts in Europe. (Pivarnik and Pfeiffer) These studies resulted in the establishment of President's Council on Youth Fitness, which was established in 1956. There were subsequent studies and efforts to improve the state ***** physical fitness and education in our schools ***** colleges.

However, the decline of physical fitness among children in the country has been a continual topic ***** debate in recent years. The strong evidence of ***** among the youth ***** served to exacerbate this concern and highlight the need for a greater emphasis on physical educati*****. Many experts claim that improvements ***** physical ********** program at ***** in particular are ***** to comb***** these grow*****g rates of obesity as well as improve general student health. *****re is there*****e a consensus ***** children should be more involved in physical exercise in a formal sense and on a regular basis. Secondly, there is increasing agreement among educationists ***** healthc***** ***** that ***** is a close and important link *****tween a lack of physical exercise ***** ***** among *****.

These views are borne out by numerous *****. For example, in 1989 the Michigan Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (MAHPERD) issued a statement which, "...emphasized the importance ***** quality physical education programs in ***** schools

" (Pivarnik and Pfeiffer) There have also been various national initiatives aimed at improving the state of ***** ***** by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other organizations and bodies. These programs and studies also emphasize the ***** of social environment and its relationship to physical fitness programs.

Despite *****se initiatives and programs over the years, the present situation indicates that there has ***** an increase rather than a decline in the r*****te of obesity among America's youth. This situation ***** been positively *****ed to present situation regarding the relatively poor implementation of physical exercise ***** in *****. In


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