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The Importance of Physical Education in schools and colleges

***** importance of Physical Education at schools ***** colleges

Physical education has become an important issue that is seen by many educators as an essential *****pect ***** the overall *****al program at ***** and colleges ***** the country. This concern is based on a number of contemporary issues. The first is that ********** has been a decline in the perceived importance of physical education at schools and colleges. (Drane et al. 2004) ***** ***** has ra*****ed concern in ***** light of the recent reports ***** an increase in obesity among the youth in the United St*****es. While ***** exercise ***** physical ***** programs are ***** as ***** ***** terms of general health and well-being, the evidence of the relationship between obesity ***** the lack ***** physical exercise has raised this ***** to ano*****r level and increased the ***** of physical education at our schools ***** colleges.

***** importance ***** physical ***** in schools and colleges in ***** ***** States was first realized in the 1950s'. Studies at that time indicated that students in American colleges were less physically fit compared to their counterparts ***** Europe. (Pivarnik and Pfeiffer) These studies resulted in the establishment of President's Council on Youth Fitness, which was established in 1956. There were subsequent studies ***** efforts to improve the state ***** physical *****ness and education in our schools ***** *****.

However, the decl*****e of ***** fitness among children in the country has ***** a continu*****l topic of debate in recent years. The strong evidence of ***** among the youth ***** served to exacerbate this concern and highlight ***** need for a greater emphasis on physical education. Many experts claim that *****ments to physical ***** program at schools in particular are ***** to comb***** these grow*****g rates of obesity as well as improve ***** student health. *****re is therefore a consensus ***** ***** should be more involved in physical exercise in a formal sense and on a regular basis. Secondly, there is ********** agreement among educationists and healthc***** experts that there is a close and important link between a l*****ck of physical exercise ***** obesity among children.

These views are borne out by numerous studies. For example, in 1989 the Michigan Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (MAHPERD) issued a *****ment *****, "...***** the importance ***** quality physical education programs in Michigan schools

" (Pivarnik and Pfeiffer) There have also been various national *****itiatives aimed at improving the state of ***** ***** by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) ***** other organizations and bodies. These programs ***** ***** also emphasize the ***** of social environment and its relationship to physical fitness programs.

Despite *****se initiatives and programs over the years, the present situation indicates that ***** has been an increase ra*****r th***** a decline in the r*****te ***** ***** among America's youth. This ***** ***** been positively linked ***** present situation regarding the relatively poor implementation of physical exercise programs in schools. In


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