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Important Technological Advances in Recent Years - World Wide Web

This work will answer a series of questions beginning with the broad question: How do social, technological, and economic changes impact the individual? The overall question of ***** ***** is: What ***** one of the most important technological advances in recent years? The subtopic of the work is: The introduction of ***** World Wide Web. Finally, coming to a specific question about the *****: ***** did the ***** of the World Wide Web change the way individuals acquire and share information? The ***** to this question will be found as a result of exploring the hypothesis: ***** introduction of the World ***** Web helped make the Internet so much e*****ier ***** use and understand for the average person that it has ********** ***** ***** popular and widely used resource to search for ***** obtain in*****mation.

The World Wide Web, otherwise known as the internet began really with the invention of ***** computer, way back in 1962. The computer ***** ***** looked and acted nothing like the computer of *****day as they took up inordinate amounts ***** space ***** processed information slowly and limitedly through amaze of complicated single line programming. Initially science and government agencies developed what was called ARPANET named for the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) of the U.S. Department of Defense, who funded many aspects of ***** project was designed to help remote scientists access programs and information for research. This system of networks with a maximum processing speed of 50Kbs in 1967, became what is now known as the internet or World Wide Web, ***** many ***** of development ***** eventually privatization. In 1981 IBM begins to market the first ***** its personal computers that are small enough ***** individual use, and in 1984 Apple markets the Macintosh personal computer. The introduction of these two elements plus the advances in communication over telephone l*****e technology created exponential growth that began in *****, *****n in *****dustry ***** eventually in to the homes of ***** users. By ***** late 1980s the growth of the system was so great that originators could not keep track of it in any substantive way and by 1992 ***** WWW.holdsa strong pos*****ion as a ***** phenomena that effects ***** millions of people a d*****y in some substantive way;

The number ***** networks exceeds 7,500 and the number of ***** connected p*****ses 1,000,000....The challenge to the telephone network's dominance as the b*****is for communicating between people is seen for the ***** time; the Internet is no longer just for machines to talk to each other...The WWW.burstsinto the world and the ***** of ***** Internet explodes like a supernova. What had been doubling ***** year, now doubles in three months. What ***** as an ARPA experiment h*****, in t*****e span of just 30 years, become a part ***** the *****'s popular culture. (Compu*****r History Museum "Internet History" 2006, NP)

It is safe to say ***** initially and even late in***** the 1990s ***** WWW.*****utilized *****


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