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Instructional Design offers teachers a number of advantages and dis*****. Instructional design can provide a framework and allow the coordination of assessment, objectives and teaching. However, instructional ***** can be limited by weak learning objectives, ***** potentially supersede real concerns over *****. Despite these disadvantages, instructional design is a valuable teaching tool.

Instructional design can be defined as "is the analysis of learning needs and systematic development ***** instruction. Instructional design models typically specify a method, that if followed will facilitate ***** transfer of knowledge, skills and attitude to the recipient or acquirer of the instruction" (Wikipedia). While instructive, this definition does little to reveal the true nature ***** ***** design. A simpler definition may ***** of ********** design ***** "***** systematic process of translating general principles of learning and instruction in***** plans for instructional materials and learning" (McNeil).

***** learning theory provides the largest single influence on instructi*****al design in today's educational environment (McGriff). Overall, cognitive ********** have an emphasis on the learner, *****d focus ***** the cognitive processes and representations that occur within the ***** (Smith and Ragan).

***** design has a number of *****dvantages, including providing a ***** ***** cre*****ting learning plans, creating coordination between *****ers and *****, and *****s for the designer to coordinate objectives, activities ***** *****s. There are some limitations to instructional design, however, as when learning goals ***** poorly defined or not defined at all. Further, it is imp*****tant not to confuse learning with building or designing through instructional design (Rieber).

Teachers can use ***** design to help define their curricula, from developing learning objectives, ***** ***** *****, to defining assessments. *****s such, instructional design can help teachers create an organized, thorough instructional experience.

In conclusion, ***** ***** is a ***** instructional *****ol, despite a number of d*****advantages. *****, instructional design can be valuable in providing a fr*****mework to help teachers ***** assessment, objectives, and teaching strategies.


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