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***** objective of this work is to examine integrated curriculum planning and the concept-based curriculum and ***** report studies and information published from the year 2000 to the present relating ***** planning the ***** and concept-based *****.


Integration ***** the curriculum, according to Nolan ***** Harwood at ***** Institute for Professional Development and Educational Research at Massey University is "the process of experiencing and understanding connections, and, because of this, seeing things whole." (2001) Integration occurs experientially as well ***** socially. Experiential integration results in "new experience...[becoming]... part of our existing knowledge and ways of seeing things. We use past experiences to help us understand and solve new problems. Experience whe*****r "primary" as in gathering data or doing observations, or "secondary" as in processing the ***** ***** observations in a d*****ta b*****e, is the raw material f***** developing knowledge and underst*****ing and for ***** ***** applying the skills essential for effective learning." (Nolan and Harwood, *****) Social integration involves learners applying "the ideas and underst*****ing ********** have developed ***** their daily lives and to the ***** of others, and they learn by interacting with *****. The curriculum is organized around personal and social *****sues, problems ***** concerns identified in, or ***** from, the lives of the learners in the w*****ld ***** which they live." (Nolan and Harwood, 2001) The work of Linda Henderson (2004) entitled: "Unleashing Talent: An Examination of VanTassel-Baska's Integrated Curriculum Model" states that the integrated curriculum exposes students to "teaching practices ***** encourage the development of good thinking."

The ***** of Kathy Lake (2001) entitled: "***** Curriculum" and reported in the School Improvement Research Series (SIRS) states that the ***** curriculum "is a gre*****t gift ***** experienced teachers. It's like getting a new pair of lenses that make teaching a lot more exciting and help us look forward to the next century." The integrated ***** is one "in which children broadly explore knowledge in various subjects related to certain aspects of ***** environment." (Lake, 2001) *****re are varied levels ***** ***** *****in the framework of the integrated curriculum ***** are stated by Lake to include the following:

***** ***** cross-curriculum sub-objectives within a given curriculum guide;

***** of model lessons ***** ***** cross-curricular activities and assessments;

***** of enrichment or enhancement activities with a ***** focus including suggestions for cross-curricular 'contacts' ***** each objective;

***** of assessment activities that are cross-curricular in nature; ***** Includes sample planning wheels in all ***** guides. (*****, 2001)

***** work of Bhattacharya, MacIntyre, Ryan and Brears (2006) *****: "PBL Approach: A Model ***** Integrated Curriculum" ***** that the general aims of the integrated curriculum are: (1) development of a child's independence ***** interdependence *****s efficient and motivated learners; (2) to enable children to perceive the curriculum as relevant to *****ir learning needs; (3) *****c***** that attitudes and values play a pivotal role in exploring concepts ***** principles in all curriculum **********; and (4) To enhance ***** and learning more effectively than


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