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***** objective of this work is to examine integrated curriculum planning and the concept-based curriculum and ***** report studies and information published from ***** year 2000 to the present relating to planning the ***** and concept-based curriculum.


***** of ***** *****, according ***** Nolan ***** Harwood at the Institute for Professional Development and Educational Research at Massey University is "the process of experiencing and underst*****ing connections, and, because ***** this, seeing things whole." (2001) Integr*****ion occurs experientially as well as socially. Experiential integration results in "new experience...[becoming]... part of our existing knowledge and ways of seeing *****. We use past experiences to help us understand and solve ***** problems. Experience whe*****r "primary" as in gathering data or doing observations, or "secondary" as in processing the data ***** observations in a ***** b*****e, is the r*****w material ***** developing ***** and understanding and for ***** and applying the skills essential for effective learning." (***** and Harwood, 2001) Social integration involves learners ***** "the ideas ***** understanding they have developed ***** their daily lives and to the ***** of others, and ***** learn by interacting with others. The curriculum is organized around personal and social *****sues, problems and concerns identified in, or developed from, the lives of the ***** in the world ***** which they live." (Nolan ***** Harwood, 2001) The work of Linda Henderson (2004) entitled: "Unleashing Talent: An Examination of VanTassel-Baska's Integrated Curriculum Model" states that the integrated curriculum exposes students ***** "teaching practices that encourage the development of good thinking."

The ***** of Kathy Lake (*****) entitled: "***** Curriculum" and reported in the School Improvement Research Series (SIRS) states that ***** integrated curriculum "is a great gift to experienced teachers. It's like getting a new pair ***** lenses that make teaching a lot more exciting and help ***** look *****ward to the next century." The integrated ***** is one "in ***** children broadly explore knowledge in various subjects related to certain aspects of their environment." (*****, 2001) There are varied levels ***** ***** within the framework of the integrated curriculum which are stated ***** Lake to include the following:

***** ***** cross-curriculum sub-objectives within a given curriculum guide;

***** of model lessons that include cross-curricular activities and assessments;

Development of enrichment or enhancement activities with a cross-curricular focus including suggestions for ***** 'contacts' following each objective;

Development of assessment activities that are cross-curricular in nature; and Includes sample planning wheels in all ***** guides. (*****, *****)

***** work of Bhattacharya, MacIntyre, Ryan and Brears (2006) *****: "PBL Approach: A ***** for Integrated *****" states ***** the general aims ***** the integrated curriculum are: (1) development of a child's independence ***** interdependence as efficient and motivated learners; (2) to enable children to perceive the curriculum as relevant ***** *****ir learning needs; (3) Acknowledge that attitudes and values play a pivotal role in explor*****g concepts ***** principles in all curriculum **********; and (4) To enhance t*****ing and learning more effectively than


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