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II. Background of the Study

II.I The Importance ***** Communication Within a Design Team

II.II How Communcation Affects Team Relationship and Team ***** Client


II.III ***** Total ***** Process Management Through Better Communication

*****. Relevance and Significance of the Study

IV. Objectives ***** the Study

IV.I Communication

IV.II Client

IV.III Leadership

V. Research ***** Methodology

VI. Review of Literature

VI.I Design as Communication

VI.II Communication in Design Teamwork

VI.III Formal and Informal Communication

VI.IV Communication and Design

VI.V Client

VI.VI Communicat*****g With Clients

VI.VII Leadership

*****. Conclusion



How many times did we try to do a cert*****in task or activity without having ***** communicate our ideas, questions, ***** needs, to those who might have provided us with help ***** accomplish our ********** faster and easier? How many times did we succeed when ***** allow our communication open to others? And how many times did we fail when we close our doors ***** communication? These are some ***** the questions that can ***** ***** in ***** goal of exploring ***** role of communication in design management.

Communication is a very import*****nt element of our daily living. Whenever we are, whatever we do, ***** always plays an important *****. There may be different possible methods ***** communication nowadays, but there is only one general objective why we communicate - that is, to achieve our *****. Whether we are within ***** daily or usual activities, ***** at work, we ***** to be able to meet our needs, such as to know the answers to our questions ***** to sh***** our *****. ***** all end up to our need of *****ing our goals. For instance, we communic*****e ***** uncertainties at work to meet our goal of providing efficient output or services ***** our clients. Otherwise, if we do not communic*****e, chances are we may produce the wrong output ***** an unsatisfactory work perform*****ce.

In this paper, we will focus our discussion on ***** role of communicati***** within a ***** te*****m. This includes the objective of exploring how communication ***** in the creation of a tot*****l design process management. It is a widely accepted fact that ***** facilitates the development process and progress of a te*****m's *****. ***** communication, an exchange of information and ide***** ***** made possible. In this view, this ***** will ********** explore ***** importance of communication in a design team *****.

Background of the Study

***** every design team, it is perhaps a gener*****l and an "**********" goal to produce a s*****erior design. This is because ***** common sense, the main purpose ***** a ***** ***** is ***** prov***** its clients with sat*****factory designs. For this reason, many design teams aim to develop d*****ferent strategies in their ***** management *****es that can help ***** facilitate their goal of producing superior designs products. One element that many design teams consider an effective aspect in ***** management strategies is communication.

***** a background of th***** study, follow*****g is brief information about *****e importance, and purpose of communication in a


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