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II. Background of the Study

II.I The Importance of Communication Within a Design Team

II.II How Communcation Affects Team Relationship and Team ***** Client


II.III ***** Total Design Process Management Through Better Communication

III. Relevance and Significance of the Study

IV. Objectives ***** the Study

IV.I Communication

IV.II Client

IV.III Leadership

*****. Research ***** Methodology

VI. Review of Literature

VI.I ***** as Communication

VI.II Communication in Design Teamwork

VI.III Formal and Informal Communication

VI.IV Communication and Design

VI.V Client

VI.VI Communicating With Clients

VI.VII Leadership

VII. Conclusion



How many times did we try to do a certain t*****k or activity without having ***** communicate our ideas, questions, ***** needs, to those who might have provided us with help to accomplish our tasks faster and easier? How many times did we succeed when we allow our communication open to o*****rs? And how many ***** did we fail ***** we close our doors ***** communication? These are some of the questions that can help us in ***** goal of exploring ***** role of communication in design management.

Communication is a very import*****nt element of our daily living. Whenever ***** are, whatever we do, ***** always plays an important *****. There may be different possible methods ***** communication nowadays, but there is only one general objective why ***** communicate - that is, to achieve our goal. Whether we ***** within ***** daily or usual activities, ***** at work, we communic*****e to be able ***** meet our needs, such as to know the answers to our questions and to share ***** *****. ***** all end up to our need of meeting our goals. For instance, we communicate ***** uncertainties at work to meet our goal of providing efficient output or services ***** our clients. Otherwise, if ***** do not communic*****e, chances are we may produce the wrong output ***** an unsatisfactory work perform*****ce.

***** this paper, we will focus our discussion on ***** role of communicati***** within a design team. This includes the objective of exploring how communication ***** in the creation of a total design process management. It is a widely accepted fact ***** communication facilitates the development process ***** progress of a *****'s work. ***** communic*****tion, an exchange of *****formation and ide***** ***** made possible. In this view, this paper will generally explore ***** importance of communication in a ***** team *****.

Background of the Study

***** every design team, it is perhaps a general and an "all-time" goal to produce a superior design. Th***** is bec*****use in common sense, the main purpose of a ***** team is to provide its clients with satisfactory designs. ***** this reason, ***** design teams aim to develop d*****ferent strategies in their ***** management *****es that can help ***** facilitate their goal of producing superior designs products. One element ***** many design teams consider an effective aspect in design management strategies is communication.

As a background of this study, follow*****g is brief information about the importance, and purpose of communication in a


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