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***** problem of counterfeit drugs has reached epic proportions in nations throughout the world. Counterfeit drugs can lead to social health crises and a host ***** other problems related to smuggling and crime. The purpose of this discussion is to analyze the mechan*****ms by which National Drug Regulatory Authorities in "Developing" Nations and "Developed" Nations Address ***** Pharmaceutical Issues with emphasis on Regulatory Authorities in Nigeria and the United States. Let us beg***** our discussion by defining Counterfeit pharmaceuticals and the impact on the United States and Nigeria.

Definition of Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals ***** the problems they cause in the ***** States and Nigeria

According to ***** Ameri***** Food and Drug administration (FDA) counterfeit drugs are defined as fake medicine that may be contaminated or contain the incorrect or no active ingredients (Consumer Education: ***** Medicine). According to the World Health organization researchers have found an abund*****ce of ***** drugs throughout the globe. The most common counterfeit ***** were homemade counterfeits, mislabeled me*****urements ***** insufficient active ingredients. ***** World Health Organization reports that Counterfeit medicines ***** deliberately and fraudulently ***** medicines with respect to identity and/or source...Counterfeiting applies ***** both branded and generic products, ***** ranges from ***** illegal use ***** copyrighted commercial brands to manufacturing fake medicines. Counterfeiting is a far more pronounced problem in develop*****g countries. National measures alone have not been proven adequate to combat th***** activity (Counterfeit Medicines)."

According to Pisik (2002), the World Health Organization has found that one in four of the doses of medicine consumed in developing countries were substandard. The proportion ***** substandard drugs being ***** in developed countries is ***** in ten doses. In their f*****dings the ***** Health ***** also noted a difference in the types of ***** that were be*****g counterfeited. For instance, in the developed countries the ***** of drugs being counterfeited ***** considered to be lifestyle ***** ***** include steroids, herbal remedies and hormones (Counterfeit *****). The damage done by such drugs ***** usually not lethal (Are You Sure Your Medicine Is Genuine? 2004). However, in ***** countries the ***** that are ***** are ********** to treat serious diseases ***** as malaria ***** AIDS. The article fur*****r reports that "At best, the regular use of substandard or counterfeit medicines leads to therapeutic failure ***** drug resistance," the WHO said. "In many cases, it can lead to death (Pisik *****)."

The Un*****ed ***** reports that on ***** continent of Africa, the counterfeit ***** problem is rampant. The UN asserts that the abundance of ***** drugs in Africa is closely ***** to the AIDS epidemic and the high cost and limited availability of the life susta*****ing drugs ***** people desperately need. In an article entitled "Take a st*****d on drugs, African leaders told"

Antiretroviral drugs are prol*****ging the ***** ***** those infected ***** the virus in ***** parts of the world. In Africa the cost of these ***** poses the greatest single challenge to individuals and health care systems. They are ***** only putting a b*****rrier between rich and


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