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***** purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss, and analyze the book "The Tragedy ***** Pudd'nhead Wilson," by Mark Twain. Specifically, it will trace the different types of irony that Twain used in the book. What are they, and why did Twain use them? *****'s use ***** irony throughout ***** Wilson vividly illustrates Twain's feelings on race, religion, and small town America, and helps bring his characters to life.


***** virtuous, and you will be eccentric." - Mark Twain

The s*****ry of Pudd'nhead Wilson seems simple enough at first glance. David "Pudd'nhead" ***** comes to the ***** town ***** Dawson's L*****ing to begin a c*****reer as an **********rney, but the *****speople do not understand him, or ***** sense of humor, and ***** ostracize him. He does not get work ***** an attorney, and has to take odd jobs around town. He ***** an interest in fingerprinting, and studies ***** in his off time.

Dawson's Land*****g is an idyllic *****, "***** was a snug little collection of modest one-and two-storey frame dwellings whose whitewashed exteriors were almost concealed from sight ***** climbing tangles ***** rose-vines, honeysuckles, and morning-glories" (Twain 5), except it is a town that allows slavery. Roxy is a slave woman who lives in town, works for a prominent family, the Driscolls, and looks white. She gives birth to a child who is one-sixteenth black, and can pass for *****. She trades her child with ***** master's child, who was born on the same day. Her child is now called "Tom," and she raises her master's son as a bl*****ck child, ***** is now called "Chambers." She knows that her son will be ra*****ed as white, and have a *****tter life th*****n ***** could give him.

The central ********** of the book are evident ***** ***** start of the novel, ***** *****y are anything but simple. The action all *****s place in this small town, where newcomers ***** not welcome.

When the reader is first introduced to the world of Dawson's Landing, everything appears ***** be in order and everyone is carefully controlled: women are firmly deposited in their "sphere," Afri*****-*****ns know ***** "place," ***** the upper cl*****s treats the lower strata of society ***** benign neglect (Skandera-Trombley).

Immediately we see ***** views on slavery, and ironies that still existed after the emancipation ***** slaves at the end of the Civil War. Twain wrote ***** book in the 1890s, when ***** had been outlawed for over thirty years. He set it in the 1830s, when ***** was ***** legal, to show that even though ***** were free, nothing much had changed. Blacks were still treated as second-class citizens, not ***** differently than he portrays t*****m in the novel.

Even though ***** is raised as a member of ***** Driscoll family with every advantage, he does ***** turn out well. ***** begins a ***** of robbing ho*****s to pay back gambling debts he owes. In another ironic twist, the gambling debt he *****, $200,


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