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***** sexual abuse of children is among the most heinous crimes that exist. Such a crime not only affects the child at the time the ***** occurs but also well into the future. For the purposes of this discussion we will investigate how ***** sexual abuse ***** children has an affect on at-risk youth behavior. The research will explain the relationship between being sexually abused as a child and youth behavior ***** how this problem is ***** addressed by the family, school, social service agencies, and/or the government. The ***** will also focus on the solutions to assist children who have been sexually ***** avoid at-risk behaviors. Let us begin this research ***** defining and disc*****sing this *****.

The sexual abuse of children ***** its impacts

***** ***** the American Psychological Association sexual ***** is Character*****tic of any abuse in which the dominant position ***** an adult allows him or her to force or coerce a child into ***** activity. Child sexual ***** may include fondling a *****'s genit*****ls, masturbation, oral-genital contact, digital penetration, and vaginal and anal intercourse. Child sexual abuse is ***** solely restricted to physical contact; such abuse could ***** noncontact abuse, such as exposure, voyeurism, ***** child pornography (Understanding Child Sexual Abuse)."

T*****e are many different affects associated with the ***** abuse of children. These ***** are inclusive of both social and academic problems (Jones et al 2004). Problems and disruptive behavior in the school environment can be rather detrimental to an adolescent and ***** a profound impact on their lives well *****to the ***** (Jones et al 2004). Children that ***** ***** in ***** are often suspended, expelled or sent to alternative skills. Children that do not compl*****e high school are more likely to live in poverty, and abuse drugs (Jones et al 2004).

Over the last few years there has been a marked *****crease in the sexual abuse of children. In addition ***** have been many adults that have come forward ***** disclose that they were *****ly abused as children. The most publicized cases in recent years have involved the Catholic Church and abusive priests. ***** addition there is some correlation made between child sexual abuse ***** parental drug abuse. That is children whose parents are ***** addicts are at an increased risk of being *****ly abused. Additionally, Webster (2001) reports families in which child sexual abuse occurs often have m*****y other significant problems. ***** problems ********** neglect, the ***** ***** witness to ***** physical or sexual ***** of a parent and general neglect associated ***** food, shelter and clothing (***** 2001).

***** American ***** Association also explains that ***** experience different reactions to sexual abuse.

The article contends ***** children that have *****d ***** severe abuse involving a great deal ***** physical ***** or those that ***** been *****d by members of their families ***** have posttraumatic stress dis*****der ***** separation anxiety (***** Child Sexual Abuse). In ***** the article explains that many children that have ***** abused *****ly ***** other environmental


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