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***** his work, "Considerations on Representative Government," John Stuart Mills reconciles liberty with democracy in many ways. Throughout the work Mills explores the idea that liberty is in fact, truly realized only in a nation where a representative government is elected. A representative ***** can be def*****ed in fact, as a democratic government, one that is ***** for ***** people by the people.

In his work John Mill defines ***** in many ways, ***** an attempt to identify the role of government in keeping order and maintaining progress in a democratic society, yet also ***** a manner ***** supports ***** cause ***** "liberty and justice for all." In Chapter one, Mills claims that "the first element of good government, being the virtue and intelligence ***** the human beings composing the community, the most important point of excellence which any from of government can possess is to promote the virtue and intelligence ***** the people themselves." T***** statement reflects Mill's condoning of accepting the virtue and ***** of ***** people that make up a given *****, *****nd only in a community where intelligence ***** respected m*****y ***** exist.

***** reconciles or brings together liberty and democracy by demonstrating how the two exist in and of ***** ***** also toge*****r. A democratic government, for example, is in essence one that promotes the ***** of it's community members ***** people. Mills goes on to discuss the importance of political institutions as mechanisms with which ***** foster in ***** of ***** community that have "desirable qualities, moral and intellectual". A government that ********** such ***** traits will operate in the ***** efficient manner.


One criterion which Mills uses to measure the efficacy of ***** is the degree to which it tends ***** increase ***** "sum of good qual*****ies in the governed, collectively and individually". He continues in the ***** chapter ***** his work to expound upon ***** importance of the good nature and virtue of ***** men governing a nation, for a nation and government is only as good, according to Mills, ***** the people that run it. A democratic government, according to Mills, ***** only ensure the liberty of ***** people it represents if the ***** elected to ********** are concerned about the well being of their countrymen. By *****, men that are virtuous and true ***** do so. Those that ***** not are quickly removed from office and pun*****hed by the very people who ***** them in many instances.

***** is ***** of freedom. Freedom should be exemplified in a society th*****t is democratic, representative of the voice ***** the people. The two terms are virtually one in the same, be***** a democracy or representative govern*****t, ***** to *****, must essentially ensure the liberty of people. A democracy promotes the rights of people ***** act out, to ***** ***** op*****ions ***** to elect their *****ficials. A ***** ***** be comprised of virtuous and true people. ***** Mills main point throughout ***** w*****k is that a government is only as good


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