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***** his work, "Considerations on Representative Government," John Stuart Mills reconciles liberty with democracy in many ways. Throughout the work Mills explores ***** idea that liberty is in fact, truly realized only in a nation where a representative government ***** elected. A representative ***** can be def*****ed in *****, as a democratic government, one that is ***** for the people by the people.

In his work John Mill defines ***** in many *****, ***** an attempt to identify the role of government in keep*****g order *****d maintaining progress in a democratic society, yet also in a manner that supports ***** cause ***** "liberty and justice for all." In Chapter one, ***** claims that "the first element of good government, be*****g the virtue and intelligence of ***** human beings composing the community, the most important point of excellence which any from of ***** can possess is ***** promote the virtue and intelligence ***** the ***** **********." Th***** statement reflects Mill's condoning of accepting the ***** and ***** of the people that make up a given *****, ***** only in ***** community where intelligence is respected may liberty exist.

Mills reconciles or brings together liberty and democracy by demonstrating how the two ***** in and ***** ********** yet also together. A ***** government, for example, is in essence one that *****s the liberty of it's community members and *****. Mills goes on to discuss the importance of political ********** as mechanisms ***** which to foster in members ***** the community that have "desirable qualities, moral and intellectual". ***** ***** that ********** such ***** traits will operate in the ***** efficient *****.


One criterion ***** Mills uses to measure the efficacy of government is the degree to which it tends ***** increase ***** "sum of good qual*****ies in the governed, collectively and individu*****y". He continues in the first chapter ***** his work to expound upon the importance of the good nature and virtue of the men governing a nation, for a nation and government is only as good, according ***** Mills, as ***** people that run it. A democratic government, ***** to *****, ***** only ensure the liberty of the people it represents if the people elected to office are concerned about the well being of their countrymen. By *****, men ***** are virtuous ***** true will do so. Those that ***** not are quickly removed from office and pun*****hed by the very people who ***** them in many instances.

Liberty is ***** of freedom. Freedom should be exemplified in a society ***** is democratic, representative of the voice of the people. The two terms are virtually ***** in ***** same, because a ***** or represent*****tive govern*****t, according to Mills, must essentially ensure the liberty of people. A democracy promotes the rights of ***** ***** act out, to voice their opinions and to elect their officials. A ***** should be comprised of virtuous and true people. John Mills main ***** through***** his work is that a government is only as good


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