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The issues of racism and sexism has existed within society for hundred of thousands of years. Within cotemporary society, our efforts to eliminate these two social biases has made great strides. However, two authors portray the conflict of race and gender as a very present and real issue. Toni Morrison's "The Bluest Eye" is set in the Post War World II era, it ***** a conflict tale of racial ***** sexual abuse that ends in the destruction of a fragile girl's life and sanity. ***** tale contains many explicit themes of race and gender that grow from the American system. Concurrently, J. M. Coetzee's book "Disg*****" details the brutal rape of a girl in post-*****par*****id South Africa, showing that political change can do almost nothing ***** eliminate human misery. Both of these two novels surrounds their central plot around a heart wrenching rape, however, they both subtly comment on the race and gender within their respective societies. The following analysis will compare and contr*****ts these two novel's approach on gender and race, although they have fundamental differences, both Morrison and Coetzee note that despite ***** actions to create a "colorless, *****less, genderless" society, social stigma are hard to eliminate.

***** novel "***** ***** Eyes" follows the life of Pecola through ***** lenses ***** the narrator, Claudia MacTeer. The novel takes place in 1941, in the post war world II America. It surrounds the story of Pecola, her quest to find self acceptance and her brutal rape by ***** father. The tragedy of this story is reflected in a commentary on African Americans within American society. Morrison's purpose is to depict on social stigmas prevent the ex*****tence of equality within the United States, ***** explicit political objectives to change the way in which society views African *****.

Coetzee's novel "Disgraced" focuses on the life of David Lurie in post-apartheid South Africa. In the wake ***** political reforms that ***** changed ***** policies of the entire government, Coetzee attempts to show ***** his novel that racism and sexism are still as prevalent as ever. ***** is castigated from society for his love of Byron Romanticism, and demonized as a sexual offender because of his illicit relationship with a much younger student. Ultimately, the plot surrounds the brutal ***** of David's daughter Lucy, ***** results from the neglect of the rural community outside ***** Cape Town. ***** purpose of *****'s ***** is ***** reveal the truth behind South ********** ***** lore, instead ***** the equality that is suppose to pertain to the post apartheid *****, it is evident that without much structural support there ***** little political changes can make on social opinion and stigma. ***** the same sentiments ***** ***** preceding ***** apartheid are still evident through t***** narra*****ive. It is a ***** of dehumanization and indignity, with the focus on the fall ***** David Lurie's self-respect and a deeper understanding of social stigma.

***** Morrison and Coetzee bases their central theme on the principle that society itself cannot change their racism


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