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Jacksonian Democrats

During antebellum America, the Jacksonian Democrats were created. This was a group that viewed themselves as protectors of the common people. A powerful executive whose goal was to destroy aristocracy in America, Andrew Jackson, ruled the Jacksonian Democrats. (Schlesinger)

Strangely, this ***** was not made up ***** the ***** people. The Jacksonian ***** were a wealthy group that supported equality between white men, enacted radical economic policies, and disregarded any capabilities of ***** federal government. M***** say ***** the group was ***** the introducers of democracy in America but rather users of the system for their own benefit.

During the early 1800's, the United States was growing at a rapid pace. A market revolution took place as cash-crop agriculture and capitalist manufacturing re*****d the artisan economy. However, this prosperity cre*****ed a split between ***** industrializing, urban north, agrarian, rural South, ***** the expanding West.

The *****s passed ***** Tariff of 1828, creating opportunities for western agriculture and New England *****. (Latner) But this tariff crushed the South. Andrew Jackson and ***** Jacksonians felt that the U.S. bank placed too much control in the hands of a selected, rich group. So J*****ckson vetoed the bank's recharter in 1832, ***** an attempt to ***** the poorer, blue-collar workers. Federal money ***** then placed in "pet" state banks.

***** believed ***** this veto would increase the economic equality of the United States. Jackson believed that the bank was monopolistic, there*****e unconstitutional, even though the ***** was declared constitutional in 1819. (Sellers) In Jackson's opinion, this monopoly would favor the wealthy citizens and be detrimental to ***** ***** *****. Therefore, the bank was not allowing for ***** equality.

The effect was destabilizing to the national currency. It decreased specie in markets and displayed favoritism in Jacksonian policies. This effort failed and ultimately spred inflation, which ***** Treasury Act of 1840 could not stop. ********** tried to assist ********** through economic policies but was not successful.

Jacksonian Democrats *****lieved ***** they were defending the common man ***** many ***** ended up seeing them as an inefficient ********** corrupt group. Their *****s to further reform movements wound up decreasing economic opportunity. While they supported state rights and individuality, they were also strong nationalists.

***** example, in the Nullification Crisis, Jackson threatened to use force against the nullifiers. In addition, he issued a proclamation, which prevented ********** Carolina from nullifying ***** tariffs. ***** went against state ***** by doing *****. (Latner) ***** demonstrates how Jackson took his powers of presidency beyond what was allotted to him in the Constitution. The Jacksonians justified t***** action by say*****g that the Constitution called for a single nation and not a le*****gue ***** states as South Carolina was *****. *****, the ***** felt he was defending ***** Constitution.

***** strived ***** preserve the unifying principles ***** ***** Constitution contained, but acted in contempt of it when they asserted the overwhelming power of the ***** branch. Jacksonian ***** did allow more people to vote than ever before ***** made government


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