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The Job Characteristics Model focuses on five core job dimensi*****s. The purpose of the characteristics model is to encourage workers to have greater job satisfaction through understanding their psychological needs. The five-***** dimensions include the following characteristics. Skill variety: which dictates that a ***** design should challenge a number of skills and abilities ***** a worker possesses. Task identity: a job ***** require attainment of a complete ***** exclusive portion of work; the work must not be a sm*****ll part of the project as a whole. T*****k significance: ***** job has to be significant ***** people's lives. Autonomy: the ***** is self-governed when designing a ***** schedule and choosing how the work will be completed.

*****: the ***** receive a response about the ***** completed that details the effectiveness of ***** job. (Notes on the Job Characteristics Model)

***** Enrichment firm's ability to underst***** these five characteristics can greatly enrich jobs for workers. The workers would be challenged to utilize skills ***** the skill variety dimension. This utilization would lead to workers per*****ming tasks ***** suit them perfectly thus creating higher productivity levels and career advancement.

This in turn would create greater economic efficiency for the firm. This also decreases ***** prob***** ***** a job becom*****g mo*****onous for a worker.(Hackman-Oldham Job Characteristics ***** and Job Design)

Task identification would also allow for job enrichment through efficiency. Workers would understand the job that *****y needed to complete so that the entire project is *****d in a timely and efficient manner. ********** ***** also be no excuse ***** not hav*****g the work done because the employer would have made the task clear.

The dimension of task ***** ***** especially important to job ***** and satisfaction. Workers need to know that ***** ***** they do impacts someone else's life in a positive w*****y. This gives them motivation ***** come to work and do the job correctly.

***** also helps them to know and underst***** ***** ***** ***** is ***** and that they are not easily replaceable which *****s to job security and enrichment.

***** is an important ***** of job enrichment ***** it allows the worker independence. Workers need flexibil*****y when it comes to scheduling and *****ing throughout ***** course of the day. This also takes some of the responsibility off of the ***** and gives it to the employee. Autonomy allows ***** employee to perform the task at h***** in his or her own unique way, ***** ***** absenteeism. (Job ***** Model)

Feedback enriches ***** overall job experience f***** the worker. A response in ***** effectiveness of a project ***** be very helpful to the employer and employee. The ***** knows what aspects of his performance ***** negative and the aspects ***** are positive, so that he can make the correct adjustments for subsequent projects. The ***** ***** assess whether or not the employee can handle the job ***** has been assigned ***** him. (Influencing Work Behavior)

In Conclusion

***** five ********** ***** the ***** Characteristics ***** contribute greatly to job *****.


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