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Job Description-Police Officer

***** Officer Job Description

***** DESCRIPTION- The general description of the job of Police Officer requires the candidate to be responsible for the protection and preservation ***** life, property ***** ***** common good. All efforts must be made on the part of the police officer ***** keep ***** peace and to perform all job duties in the most professi*****al and effective manner, along ***** guidelines of the details contained herein.

QUALIFICATIONS- Qualified candidates for the job of Police Officer will have the appropriate certifications and training in order ***** use firearms and related equipment correctly and judiciously, ***** *****terpret and apply the laws and regulations that must ***** upheld, and have the physical stamina to frequently exert themselves in ***** activity *****cluding, but not limited to the apprehension of suspects, rescue situations, conflicts, and ***** like.

***** In addition to the qualifications detailed above, the candidate must be able to successfully pass the necessary background checks, substance abuse testing, and pre-screening procedures in order to present ***** proper moral character ***** be ***** to effectively fulfill job *****. Moreover, due to the dynamic nature of the position, sensitivity ***** the diversity ***** society ***** exist, including tolerance ***** ***** genders, races, states of physical condition, and lifestyle choices.

***** OF EQUAL OPPORUNITY- In the spirit ***** the requirements of the ***** of Police Officer, no candidate shall be excluded from consideration for the position based upon gender, race, political affiliation, or choice of *****, provided that ********** traits do *****t disqualify the candidate in terms ***** the ability to perf*****m the duties of ***** *****. With all ***** this in mind, ***** interested ***** are encouraged to pursue ***** opportunity to serve the community, maintain ***** *****, and contri*****e to the enrichment of ***** communities in which the Police Officer serves.

***** Officer *****


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