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Johnson & Johnson's Marketing Mix

***** Description

***** & Johnson (JNJ) is a recognized global leader and manufacturer of health care products and has over 200 subsidiaries, and ***** offices in nearly every nation of the world. The company is headquartered in New Brunswick, New Jersey. For 2006, the company reported Sales of $53.3 Billion.

***** addition the company has a series of bus*****esses and initiatives in health care services, which is the fastest growing part of the business today. ***** & Johnson has gone through a variety of structural and organizational structures in ***** last twenty years and today is centered on a m*****rket segment-based approach which comprises their consumer, medical devices & diagnostics, and pharmaceuticals businesses. *****se are the three operating units of the company *****.

Consumer segment's main focus ***** contributions ***** in the areas of skin and hair care, oral care, sanitary protection, wound care, baby care and non-prescription drugs. Johnson ***** Johnson distributes these products through wholesalers or directly to independent and chain retail outlets. The most famous brand names from this business segment include Neutrogena and Clean & Clear skin ***** ***** care products, and the entire line of Band-Aid products.

***** devices and diagnostics segment (MD*****D) is compr*****ed of a comprehensive product line of products used by physicians, nurses, *****rapists, hospitals, diagnostic laboratories ***** clinics. Johnson and Johsnon sells into these markets using a direct sales force that calls on ***** care professionals ***** in*****ly through surgical supply dealers and other dealers. Product *****s include intravenous catheters and shunts; coronary and biliary stents, ***** implants, instruments, needles ***** sutures; blood glucose monitoring systems; ***** closure devices; endoscopic instruments; orthopedic ***** for joint repair and replacement and ***** correcting spinal deformities; contact lenses; clinical chemistry ***** ***** devices, including cardiovascular monitoring and vascular access products.

***** pharmaceutical franchise division is focused on heavy use of R&D to bring new innovati*****s to market in the area of antifungal, anti-infective, *****, ***** contraceptive products.

In addition to ***** product **********, Johnson and Johnson is also very active in the ***** of pain management and psychotropic therapy. Well-known ********** within the company's portfolio include Procrit for the treatment of anemia; Sporanox antifungal, Reminyl for treating Alzheimer's d*****ease ***** Dispersals antipsychotic for schizophrenia.

In terms ***** financial performance ***** consumer ***** drives most of near-term revenue growth. The acquisition of Pfizer Consumer Health (PCH) is a big contributor with 7% ***** 11.5%-12.5% sales growth in '0***** that JNJ executives are forecasting during conference ***** held this month (February) with investment analysts.

The next five years for Johnson and Johnson will be very different and much more challenging than the past five years. The company delivered earnings ***** in the range of 12% to 21% throughout 2001-05. It is widely anticipated that ***** difficult market conditions for the ********** Pharmaceutical ***** Medical Devices & Diagnostics (MD&D) Divisions is going to occur in the next five ***** due to significant market competition.

*****'s management team ***** told the investment community


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