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The objective of this work is to answer the question of whether justice ***** possible for all individuals. The method used to examine ***** question will be one that is qualitative in nature and that ***** conducted through a review of literature of a peer-*****ed or *****cademic nature. The ideal of 'justice f***** all' is one that has its roots in the American society and ***** establishment of America as a democracy and a society in which all *****, regardless of their race, sex, ethnic orig*****, or religion are ***** on the receiving end of equitable or equal justice or fairness. However, the application of this ***** is a great deal more complex than the ideal appears upon initial consideration.


***** 1948 the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted by the United Nations and was an initiative chaired by Ele*****or Roosevelt. Th***** declaration was formulated with the intention of providing a definition of universal human rights ***** ***** promote observance of them" and as well focuses on *****ity and fair treatment. This declaration also affirms the rights of the individual to property, nationality, marriage and family, religion and thought, peaceable assembly, participation in government, social security, work, rest, healthy standards of living, education, and cultural expression. Within the framework of ***** declaration are the rights and freedoms of all ********** to give and receive respect of one ano*****r and their own individual rights which are stated in the limitations ***** law that everyone is subject to.


In 2004 ***** 'Justice for All Act' or H.R.5107 ***** passed by both the Senate and the House. This act has ***** do ***** the rights of those who are victims to crimes and ***** rights in terms of be*****g protected from ***** accused.


The Code of Judicial Conduct states "A judge shall per*****m judicial duties without bias or prejudice. A ***** shall not, in the performance of judicial duties, by words or conduct manifest ***** or *****, including but not limited to bias or prejudice based ***** race, sex, religion, national *****in, disability, age, *****ual orientation, or socioeconomic status, and shall not ********** staff, court *****ficials and o*****rs subject to the judge's direction ***** control to do so." [Canon 3(B)(5)] ***** ***** addresses justice in terms of how *****s are treated ***** ***** *****room and clearly states that no ***** should be shown against ***** in favor of an individual for the same personal factors as set out in the Universal Declaration of ***** Rights. Reports that have exam*****ed the drug sentencing courts in the United States have ***** findings ***** overwhelmingly show that African American men are sentenced to prison for ***** crimes far more often ***** are White men ***** the ***** holds true for African American wo*****. The gap in ***** rate of *****carcerations of African Americans as comp*****d to White individuals. Another injustice that is often witnessed


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