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Is Justice For All Possible?

***** issue of euthanasia is complicated because it revolves around death, liberty, and justice. Many people believe that choosing to die is irrational ***** should not be allowed. However, by preventing the choice of euthanasia, society is also preventing an individual's right to liberty and justice. If people have the right to choose how they wish to live their lives, then it only seems ***** be logical that ***** should be able to ***** how they end their life. Because this is not allowed ***** happen, justice cannot be had by all. This paper will examine how ***** is *****ing ignored when it comes to euthanasia.

When d*****cussing euthanasia, we must discern between voluntary ***** nonvoluntary euthanasia. Voluntary euthanasia is generally associated with persons who are terminally ill and wish ***** end their lives due to insufferable pain. Nonvoluntary ***** is associated ***** mercy killing without the consent of ***** person who ***** ill. In many cases, family members can step in and give consent for such a killing of the ill person is unable to do so themselves. ***** addition, active euthanasia is when the ill ***** is administered a leth*****l injection. On the o*****r h*****, passive ***** involves not giving an ***** person w*****at they would need to survive. Passive euthanasia is ***** seen as killing; **********, active euthan*****ia is. After all, in a case of passive euthanasia, the doctor does not do anyth*****g to cause the patient ***** die. Most advocates for euthanasia are fighting ***** physicians to assist ***** ill patients.

More importantly, we ***** put ********** feelings aside and look at ***** issue from the standpoint of the law. Observed through ***** scope, we can certainly see how justice is being denied ***** those who w*****h to die. The Fourteenth Amendment to ***** Constitution of the United States, says:

No state shall make or enf*****ce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall ***** state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without ***** process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws. (LOC 1996)

***** this measure, every grown citizen does ***** ***** ***** to decide what he or she does with his or her body. ***** ***** not exclude anyone according ***** his or her state of health ***** wellness. There will always be those who *****lieve that individuals will make wrong decisions. *****, just ***** it is viewed as ***** or incorrect by a particular segment of society, those individuals are ***** prevented ***** making them. In *****s ***** euthanasia, liberty is a major issue. Therefore, wishes pertaining to liberty should be honored. In short, it is unconstitutional ***** deny these individuals the right to make a choice reg*****rding ***** own situations. As a result, ***** ***** left ***** ***** mercy of others ***** may not operate on ***** that individual wants. Th***** also strips the individual of their


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