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Juvenile Delinquency and Poverty

Research Proposal on Juvenile ***** and Crime

***** 1

Statement of the Problem

***** Review

***** Purpose

Study Rationale

Study Objectives

Study Question


Research Methods

Study Design


***** 4

***** Collection

Variables: dependent, independent, control 5

Measures/instruments 5


***** Description (if applicable) 6

Statistical considerations 6

Data analysis 7

Literature Review

Research Proposal

Title: Juvenile Delinquency ***** Crime

Statement of the Problem

***** seems to be a correlation between poverty and juvenile delinquency. This paper proposes ***** investigate the validity of this hypo*****sis ***** come to a conclusion ********** the nature ***** the relationship. Statistics and research into this statement will be done and put forth in *****se pages.

Literature Review

The literature review ***** be ***** by examining studies by state and federal officials, research in scholarly journals in the field of criminology, sociology ***** psychology, as well as demographic studies. Although *****re are myths surrounding the correlation between juveniles and poverty, it will be necessary to determine ***** studies bear this out. If they do not, then research on how family in***** affects the number of arrests recorded and/or what is the determining factor in juvenile del*****quency, when juvenile delinquency appears to be prevalent in the poorer *****as of cities, but lacking in areas of middle-class up *****per-class hous*****g and income. A preliminary literature review ***** be found beginning on page *****.

Study Purpose

The purpose of this study is to examine the effects ***** ***** ***** on ***** delinquency, in order to find methods of reducing the incidence of crime among youth.

Study Rationale

There is a need ***** determine the causes of juvenile delinquency and *****. ***** studies have been **********, they have not been sufficient to ***** if there is a correlation between family income ***** juvenile crime. This study will help the public and concerned organizations understand why there is a high rate of crime in certain areas of a county, city or state and hardly any in others.

Study Objectives

This purpose of this ***** is ***** determine ***** ***** is a ***** between family income ***** juvenile crime. If so, then perhaps a solution may be found f***** lessening juvenile crime.

Study Question

Is juvenile ***** is linked to family income?


***** crime is linked ***** family ***** in almost all cases, though there ***** be variables in individual personalities.

Research Methods

Study *****

The quantitative correlation ***** ***** and juvenile delinquency will be methodically researched to reveal ***** trends or obvious evidence that there are more or less crimes committed by those ***** who ***** *****low the poverty level.


***** will be done on two bases, first ***** a face-to-face basis, with interviews of the participants. A questionnaire will ***** handed out to groups ***** individuals in the subject areas, creating a sampling frame. Secondly, research will be done systematically ***** online examination of *****ficial sources, such as ***** census bureau, from which documents may ***** presented so ***** ***** investigat***** may


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