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Juvenile Delinquency and Poverty

Research Proposal on Juvenile Delinquency and Crime

***** 1

***** of the Problem

Literature Review

Study Purpose

Study Rationale

Study Objectives

***** Question


Research Methods

Study Design


***** 4

***** Collection

Variables: dependent, independent, control 5

Measures/instruments *****


Intervention Description (if applicable) 6

Statistical considerations *****

Data analysis 7

Literature Review

Research Proposal

Title: ***** Delinquency and Crime

***** of the Problem

***** seems to be a correlation between poverty and juvenile delinquency. This paper proposes ***** investigate ***** validity of this hypothesis and come to a conclusion as the nature of the relationship. Statistics and research into this statement will be done and put forth in *****se pages.

Literature *****

The literature review ***** be ***** by exam*****ing studies by state and federal officials, research in scholarly journals ***** the field of criminology, sociology and psychology, ***** well as demographic studies. Although there are myths surrounding the correlation ***** juveniles and poverty, it will be necessary to determine if studies bear this out. If they do not, then research on how family income affects the number of arrests recorded and/or what is the determining factor in juvenile del*****quency, when juvenile delinquency appears to be prevalent in the poorer *****as of cities, but lack*****g in areas of middle-class up upper-class hous*****g and income. A preliminary literature review ***** be found *****ginning on page 7.

Study Purpose

***** purpose ***** th***** study is to examine the effects of ***** ***** on ***** delinquency, in order to f*****d methods of reducing the incidence of crime among youth.

Study Rationale

There is a need to determine the causes of juvenile delinquency and crime. Although studies have been **********, they ***** not been sufficient to determine if there ***** a correlation between family income and juvenile crime. This study will help the public and concerned organizations understand why there is a high rate of ***** in certain areas of a county, city or state and hardly any in others.

Study Objectives

This purpose of this ***** is to determine if there ***** a correl*****tion between family income ***** juvenile crime. If so, ***** perhaps a solution may be found for lessening juvenile crime.

Study Question

Is juvenile crime is linked to family *****?


Juvenile crime is linked ***** family income in almost all cases, though there may be variables in *****dividual personalities.

Research Methods

Study *****

The quantitative correlation ***** ***** and ***** delinquency will ***** methodically researched to reveal any trends or obvious evidence that there are more or less crimes committed ***** those juveniles who ***** below the poverty level.


Research will be done on two bases, first on a face-to-face basis, with interviews of ***** participants. A questionnaire will be handed out to groups ***** individuals in the subject areas, creating a sampling frame. Secondly, research will ***** done systematically by online examination of *****ficial sources, such as the census bureau, from which documents may be presented so ***** ***** investigator may


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