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Karl Marx, the founder of modern socialism and communism and son of a lawyer was born on 5 May 1818 in Trier, ***** received his classical education. He studied jurisprudence at Bonn and later in Berlin, his obsession with philosophy turned him away from law. However, after spending five years in the "metropolis ***** intellectuals," he returned to Bonn aiming ***** habilitate in 1841 (The Life and Work of Karl Marx).

At the end of 1842 he took over the editorship and was received the honor of s*****ing a censor Wilhelm Saint-Paul from Berlin particularly to take care of the Rheinische Zeitung. However, this proved of no benefit since ei*****r the paper was made ***** undergo dual **********, or additionally to the common procedure, every issue was subjected to a second stage of censorship by ***** office of Cologne's Regierungspr sident (The Life and Work of Karl Marx).

However, this measure was not of any ***** against the obstinate malice ***** the Rheinische Zeitung. At ***** same time at the beginning of 1843 ***** ministry ********** a decree declaring that the Rheinische ***** must cease publication at the end ***** the first quarter and Marx thus, resigned immediately as the shareholders wanted to attempt a settlement that also end in noth*****g and ***** newspaper-ceased publication (The Life and Work of Karl Marx).

In the summer of 1843, he married t***** daughter of Privy Councilor von Westphalen in ***** and moved to Paris, where he devoted himself mainly to studying political economy and t***** his*****ry ***** the great French Revolution ***** at ***** same ***** worked together with Ruge in publishing the Deutsch-Franzsische Jahrbucher. In 184*****, he went to Brussels after being expelled from France by Guizot and stayed there, practicing the same studies, until the outbreak of the February revolution.

***** agreed very less with the commonly accepted version of socialism and that his *****ory ***** socialism could be seen in ***** critique of Proudhon's mayor work in 1847, Philosophie de la misère, which published in Brussels and Paris under the title ***** ***** Poverty of Philosophy. ***** that work one can f*****d many fundamental points of the theory, which he has now presented, in complete detail. His other substantial work ***** The Manifes***** of the Communist Party, London, 1848, written before the February revolution and adopted by a workers' congress in London (Karl Marx, **********).

However, the Belgian government ***** the influence of the panic caused by the ***** revolution expelled him again. Thus, he returned to Paris at t***** invit*****ion ***** the ***** provisional ***** ***** went ***** Cologne with his friends and founded there the Neue Rheinische Zeitung that appeared ***** June 1849 and still remember well today ***** people on the Rhine. Marx was brought twice before the assizes for an offence *****st the press *****ws and ***** provoking people to refuse to pay th***** taxes. Thus, on both occasi*****s it had to close at ***** time of the May revolts ***** 1849 when he once


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