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Karl Marx, the founder of modern socialism and communism and son of a lawyer was born on 5 May 1818 in Trier, and received his classical education. He studied jurisprudence at Bonn and later in Berlin, his obsession with philosophy turned him away from law. However, after spending five years in the "metropolis of intellectuals," he returned to Bonn aiming ***** habilitate in 1841 (T***** Life and Work of Karl *****).

***** ***** end of 1842 he took over the editorship and was received the honor of s*****ing a censor Wilhelm Saint-Paul ***** ***** particularly to take care of the Rheinische Zeitung. *****, this proved of no benefit since either the paper was made to undergo dual censorship, or additionally to the common procedure, every issue was subjected to a second st*****ge of ***** by ***** office of Cologne's Regierungspr sident (The ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** Marx).

However, this measure was not of any ***** against the obstinate malice ***** ***** Rheinische Zeitung. At the same time at the beginning of 1843 the ministry ********** a decree declaring that the Rheinische ***** must cease publication at the end ***** ***** first quarter and ***** thus, resigned immediately as the shareholders wanted to attempt a settlement that also end in noth*****g and the newspaper-ceased publication (The Life and Work of Karl Marx).

In the summer ***** 1843, he married the daughter of Privy Councilor von Westphalen in Trier and moved to Paris, where he devoted ********** mainly to studying political economy and t***** his*****ry ***** the great French Revolution and at ***** same ***** worked together with Ruge in publishing the Deutsch-Franzsische Jahrbucher. In 1845, he went to Brussels after being expelled from France by Guizot ***** stayed t*****re, practicing the same studies, until the outbreak of the February revolution.

He agreed very less with ***** commonly accepted version of socialism and that his theory of socialism could be seen in ***** critique of Proudhon's mayor work in 1847, Philosophie de la misère, which published in Brussels ***** Paris under the title of The Poverty of Philosophy. ***** that work one can f*****d many fundamental points of the theory, which he has now presented, in complete detail. His other substantial work ***** ***** Manifes***** of the Communist Party, London, 1848, written before the February revolution and adopted by a workers' congress in London (Karl *****, *****-1883).

However, the Belgian government ***** ***** *****fluence of the panic caused by the ***** revolution expelled him again. Thus, he returned to Paris at t***** invit*****ion of the ***** provisional ***** and went to Cologne with his friends ***** founded there the Neue ***** Zeitung that appeared until June 1849 and still remember well today by people on ***** Rhine. Marx was brought twice ***** the assizes for an offence against the press ********** and for provoking people to refuse to pay their taxes. Thus, ***** both occasions it had to close at the time of the May revolts of ***** when he once


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