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Leadership—its Importance for Today's Organization


When looking at leadership and the role it plays in organizations, ***** is important to not only def*****e it, but also recognize ***** differences with respect to "Management." The characteristics of effective leaders need to be examined, as well as how one can develop ***** skills in today's work environment.

Purpose of Report

This report will show the importance ***** leadership in terms of **********g and implementing ***** strategies, as well ***** traits employees feel are important for an effective leader. Three articles concerning leadership will also ***** examined in this report.

Def*****ition ***** Leadership and Differences with Respect to "Management" good definition of leadership is ***** who possesses the "capacity or ability ***** lead (" or give an organization direction or guidance.

*****, however, refers to the executive ability or skill in managing an *****.

Management skills should be balanced ***** leadership skills. It is important to place extra emphas***** on developing leadership *****, and less ***** management skills (Bol*****n).

Management deals with "planning ***** budgeting, organizing and staffing, controlling and problem solving (Bolton)."

***** contrast, leadership deals with "establishing direction and aligning people, as well ***** motivating and inspiring (Bolton)." Some feel that if there is too much management, there ***** bureaucracy, while if there is too ***** *****, there ***** anarchy, creating a need for a balance between the two.

***** Importance ***** Leadership to Effective Strategy Development and Implementation

When developing ***** implementing an effective strategy it is important to understand the leader's competencies. These ***** ***** results of one's "experiences and the knowledge, *****, values ***** attitudes he or she has acquired during their l*****etime (Pickett 103)."

In an *****g*****ization, the ***** may be used to perform a number of duties which produce products and services to o*****rs. The quality of the services or goods, as well as the response from ***** receiver, leads ***** "results ***** positive, negative or neutral consequences for the organization; the people ***** work *****; ***** its suppliers, shareholders, clients, and customers (Pickett *****)."

Many companies today realize the importance "to improve management competencies, improve organizational structure, to better utilize corporate ***** ***** drive change and to strengthen the link between strategic intent ***** day-to-day implementation (Pickett 103)."

It is important that current and projected needs of an org*****ization be reflected in workplace and managerial skills. Senior management ***** to be able to recognize the basic competencies of the organization and make sure the managers and workforce are adequately skilled, since the future success ***** any organization depends on adept employees.

The organization and its employees can realize growth with "the development of an effective competencies framework ***** complimentary *************** management program (Pickett 103)."

Employee Perceptions of what Constitutes Effective Leadership

Employee perceptions of ***** they ***** represents effective leadership vary from one organization to a*****her. Some ***** feel it ***** important for the CEO and senior executives to share ***** *****. They feel a team approach to leadership is important for ***** survival


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