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Letter of Appreciation for Excellent Medical Care

***** Sir

*****: Appreciation ***** Excellent Care

When a f*****mily is holidaying in a foreign country, where they do not speak the language, even a sm*****ll accident can seem like an *****surmountable disaster. The first problem one faces is making ********** understood to natives ***** find the nearest hospital, and to service providers in order to relate ***** events leading to the *****. If something more serious and even life-threatening, like a heart attack ensues, the problem is even greater. This is why I wish ***** thank, from my heart, the staff at Taipei City Hospital, and in particular the cardio-vascular surgeon, Dr. Peter Wu, for their excellent care and service not only to ***** f*****her, but also to the family as a whole. Your hospital made us aware once again ***** the deeper meaning of *****, joy and health during the holiday season, ***** human kindness in the face of crisis.

***** were holidaying as a family in Taipei, Taiwan during ***** last Christmas holidays. The aim ***** these holidays was certainly not to go through a crisis and definitely not ***** have to face a potenti*****lly fatal heart attack. Our aim was simply to relax, enjoy the country, and enjoy each other's company. However, this was not to be.

On the day of my fa*****r's heart attack, there were several difficulties facing us. ***** biggest was the language barrier. However, once we arrived at ***** hospital, all our fear were laid to rest at *****. As soon as the staff realized the extent of our *****, the esteemed *****. ***** ***** to assist *****. He was immediately informed that we were from abroad ***** could not ***** the language. He took over our case and explained to us in his fluent English ***** my father would be taken ***** the Operating Room right away. With the little time he had to speak ***** us, he tried as best he could to calm us down. He asked a staff member ***** bring ***** something to drink while we waited for my father to come out of surgery.

***** addition to the ***** *****, we also had the worry that the hospital's facilities might be inadequate to handle my *****'s heart problem. This was however not ***** case, and in addition ***** Dr. Wu's ***** his staff's kind **********, we ***** impressed not ***** with the immediate availability of ***** and technology, but also with the quality of these.

The staff were obviously well trained. Under *****. Wu's leadership, they ***** understood ***** needs ***** tried as *****st to support not only my father, ***** also the rest of us as a family. In the great crisis we were experiencing, ***** hospital ***** remained calm and friendly throughout. We ***** a com*****t*****ble waiting area and staff was available at all times to see to our needs.

***** he ***** certain that ***** father was out ***** danger, Dr. Wu came to talk *****


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