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***** am writing to request a waiver for the TOEFL test. Having lived in English-speaking countries for ten years, I am confident and fluent in the language. My English language skills are solid ***** both written and oral communications. I have conducted all of my academic research ***** *****, including the delivery of seminars ***** lectures in the language. Even though it is not ***** mother tongue, I ***** a strong command ***** Engl*****h, which is why I have been able to excel in my scholastic endeavors.

A recently completed an English course at Nova University that my advisers told me would allow ***** to waive the TOEFL exam. Even though each university's requirements are different *****d I do value ***** rules governing your program, I hope you will take my situation in***** account when consider*****g me for admission. My ***** ***** assured me that my academic record proves my mastery of the English *****.

Typically a requirement for all students whose first language is not English, ***** TOEFL ***** has great merit ***** gauging a student's ***** language skills. I appreciate the value of ***** test for your faculty and staff as well as for ***** like me. Because I am confident the test would prove my high level ***** communications skills, ***** would not mind taking it under normal circumstances.

*****, I would be unable to take the ***** exam before fall admission deadline because the test ***** not be administered ***** then. I am quite eager to begin my M*****ters degree research and would not want the TOEFL ex***** to cause any delays in my education. Given my strong ***** record, ***** proven language and communications *****, and my hav*****g completed English language courses commonly recognized as substitutes for the TOEFL exam, I hope you will grant me this *****. I can assure you I ***** beco***** a terrific asset ***** ***** university ***** especially to ***** Master's ***** in my chosen field of


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