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Literature Review

Global warming is a hot topic. Literature, publications, and opinion pieces on global warming appear almost daily in news sources and academic journals. The Internet is also replete with ***** ***** the ***** of global warming. Because global ***** affects ***** Arctic at a f*****r faster and more intense rate than it ***** other parts of the globe, ***** warming in the arctic deserves far more media attention than it has received thus far. Never*****less, many articles in trade ***** can help researchers initiate a study of global warming in the arctic. Perhaps because the arctic is relatively un*****habited, the effects of ***** warming do not seem as severe there ***** they might in more populous regions of the globe. However, studies show that the Arctic exhibits the early ***** signs ***** global warm*****g before ***** reach ***** rest of the inhabited world. Based on a liter*****ture review conducted on the Internet, global warming in the Arctic deserves more ***** and research. Much of the existing literature is based on the same preliminary studies, focuses ***** the same or similar elements, and in general demonstrates considerable shortcomings in forming a comprehensive underst*****ing ***** the over*****ll problem of climate change.

Most scientists and laypeople already know of the potential detrimental effects of global warming in the Arctic. Much of the attention is focused on the damage to wildlife ***** ecosystems. For example, an article on the New website states, "***** melt*****g ice *****d the thawing ***** tundra could have a big impact ***** wildlife...when ***** ***** melts, symbolic species such as the polar bear, as well as thousands of others, may become endangered," (Bhattacharya). Some research places the emphasis more on ***** human perspective: the consequences of ***** change on densely populated areas. For instance, in Kate Ravilious's article in *****, the author states, "Cities and towns along the west coast of ***** US could be suffering from a serious w*****ter shortage by 2050, thanks to global warming. As Arctic sea ice melts, annual rainfall may drop ***** as much ***** 30 per cent from Seattle to Los Angeles, and inland as ***** as the Rocky Mountains." According ***** ***** United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), ***** warming in the Arctic "will increase average global precipitation. Soil moisture is likely to decline in ***** regions, and ********** rainstorms are likely to ***** more frequent. Sea level ***** likely ***** rise two feet along most of the U.S. coast." Therefore, key variables addressed by current literature include the effects ***** ***** warming in the ***** on wildlife, precipitation, ***** levels and average global and seawater temperatures. Many scientists choose to concentrate on studying ***** immediate effects of global warming ***** human factors such as health risks like cancers. ***** on the available *****, no direct causati***** of health ***** or any other human factors element has been established. Most ***** rely on correlative results. Therefore, future studies should focus on ***** detailed analyses of the effects of global


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