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Literature Review

Global warming is a hot topic. Literature, publications, and opinion pieces on global ***** appear almost daily in news sources and academic journals. The Internet is also replete with sources on the ***** of global warm*****g. Because global warming affects the Arctic at a f*****r faster and more intense rate than it ***** other parts of the globe, ***** warming in the arctic deserves far more media attention than ***** has received thus far. Never*****less, many articles in trade ***** can help researchers initiate a study ***** global ***** in the arctic. Perhaps because the ***** is relatively uninhabited, the effects of ***** warming do not seem as severe ********** ***** they might in more populous regions of the *****. However, studies show that the Arctic exhibits the early warm*****g signs of global warming before they reach the rest ***** ***** inhabited world. Based on a liter*****ture review conducted on the Internet, global ***** in the Arctic deserves more ***** and research. Much of ***** existing literature is based on the same preliminary studies, focuses on the ***** or similar elements, and in general demonstrates considerable shortcomings in forming a comprehensive underst*****ing ***** the over*****ll problem of climate change.

Most scientists and laypeople already know of the potential detrimental effects ***** global warming in the Arctic. Much of the attention is focused on the damage to wildlife ***** ecosystems. For example, an article on the New website states, "***** melt*****g ice and the thawing ***** tundra could have a big impact ***** wildlife...when the ***** melts, symbolic species such as the polar bear, as well as thousands of *****s, may become endangered," (Bhattacharya). Some ***** places ***** emphasis more on the human perspective: ***** consequences of climate change on densely populated areas. ***** instance, in Kate Ravilious's article in *****, the author states, "Cities and ********** along the west coast of ***** US ***** be suffer*****g from a serious w*****ter shortage by 2050, thanks to ***** warming. As ***** sea ice melts, annual rainfall may drop ***** as much as 30 per cent from Seattle to Los Angeles, and inland as far as the Rocky Mountains." According ***** ***** United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), global warming in the Arctic "will ********** average global precipitation. Soil moisture is likely to decline in many regions, and *****tense rainstorms are likely to ***** ***** frequent. Sea level is likely ***** rise two feet along most of the U.S. coast." Therefore, key variables addressed by current literature include the ***** of ***** warming in ***** ***** on wildlife, precipitation, ***** levels and average global and seawater temperatures. Many scientists choose to concentrate on studying the immediate effects ***** global ***** on human factors ***** as health risks like cancers. B*****ed ***** ***** available literature, no direct causation of health ***** or any other human ***** element has been established. Most ***** rely on correlative results. Therefore, future studies should focus ***** more detailed analyses of the ***** ***** *****


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