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Literature Review Paper

Alzheimer's disease: the onset

***** Alzheimer's diseases is believed to be the "dementing order" because of the recognized changes in the behavior and line of thinking of the person with the said disease. From the researchers' ***** ***** physicians' point of view, there is a possibility th*****t anyone can get it, regardless ***** the age. More so, people should realize that Alzheimer's ***** is not really a normal part of aging. It is not ********** that is inev*****able. There are some people who reached the ***** of 75 and up ***** are not even suffering from any ***** d*****order. Because of this, it should be considered that Alzheimer's disease is actually "an exception, ra*****r than the rule, ***** old age" (Light ***** Lebowitz, 1989).

***** are enough number of studies ***** show that not majority ***** the *****-aged people suffer from Alzheimer's *****. In fact, only 1% from the population of 65-74 is with recognized dementia while 25% from those with ages ranging to 85 and above. However, *****re are other credible studies ***** show that in the US, almost half ***** the population ***** ***** nursing homes are ***** ***** dementia, Alzheimer's disease or ***** related ***** (***** and *****, 1989).

A related study revealed that in the *****, enough government funding is allotted to the c***** of ***** people in the nursing homes, *****icularly those with recognized ***** diseases. An estimated $24 billion is spent annually to care f***** the ***** in nursing homes ***** $48 ***** is ***** for the direct costs spent ***** people with Alzheimer's disease. This is ***** the population is really getting older. "As ***** number ***** Alzheimer's patient increases, the costs of care also increase" (Light and Lebowitz, 1989).

The cure for Alzheimer has not been discovered yet, or so others thought that it is not curable. However, there are ways and means which can help people from trying to prevent themselves from acquiring such *****. These prevention methods will be done once the ***** c*****rned understands how Alzheimer ***** ***** acquired ***** who are the possible ***** prone to have ***** disease.

The Inconclusive Causes of the Disease

Researchers are still trying their very best to solve the puzzle behind ***** ***** and find the clues that will connect to further development ***** ***** possible *****. Currently, there is one only way that most physicians prefer to diagnose the ********** disease and this is by having a through examination of the brain. By examination would mean undergoing through a ***** scanning procedure and/or by allowing an autopsy to examine the brains, after ***** course, ***** death of a ***** Alzheimer's patient. Based on records scient*****t who ***** d***** some preliminary research an***** au*****psy ********** had actually found some distinguishing damages on the brains of the dead Alzheimer's diseases sufferers (Taylor, 1990).

When scientists look at these sections through a microscope, they see nerve damage. Ch*****ges in the bra***** include what is called neurotic plaques and neurofibrillary tangles. Plaques


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