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Literature Review Paper

Alzheimer's disease: the onset

As Alzheimer's diseases is believed to be the "dementing order" ********** of the recognized changes in ***** behavior and line of thinking of the person with the said disease. From the researchers' and the physicians' point of view, there is a possibility th*****t anyone can get it, regardless ***** the age. More so, people should realize that Alzheimer's ***** is not really a norm*****l part of aging. It is not something ***** is inev*****able. There are some people who reached the ***** of 75 ***** up who are not even suffering from any dementing disorder. Because of this, it ***** be considered that Alzheimer's disease is actually "an exception, ra*****r than the rule, of old age" (Light and Lebow*****z, 1989).

***** are enough number of studies ***** show that not majority of the *****-aged people suffer from Alzheimer's *****. In fact, only 1% from ***** population of 65-74 is with recognized dementia while 25% from those with ages ranging to 85 and above. However, there are other credible studies that show that in the US, almost half of the population ***** ***** nursing homes are suffering from dementia, Alzheimer's d*****ease or other related diseases (Light and Lebowitz, *****989).

A ***** study revealed that in the *****, enough government funding is allotted to the c***** of the ***** in the nursing homes, *****icularly those ***** recognized Alzheimer's diseases. An estimated $24 billion is spent annually to care f***** the people in nursing ***** while $48 ***** is ***** *****or the direct costs spent ***** ***** with Alzheimer's disease. This is because ***** population is really getting older. "As the number ***** Alzheimer's patient increases, the costs of care also increase" (***** and Lebowitz, 1989).

The cure for Alzheimer has not been discovered yet, or so others thought ***** it is not curable. However, ***** are ways and means which can help people from trying to prevent themselves from acquiring such *****. These *****ion methods will be done once the person concerned understands how Alzheimer ***** ***** acquired or ***** are the possible people prone to have such disease.

The Inconclusive Causes of the Disease

Researchers are still ***** their very best to solve the puzzle behind Alzheimer's disease and find the clues that will connect to further development of any ***** cure. Currently, there is one only way that most physicians prefer ***** diagnose the Alzheimer's ***** and this is by having a through examination of the brain. By examination would mean undergoing ***** a brain scanning procedure and/***** by allowing an autopsy to examine the brains, after ***** course, ***** death of a recognized ***** p*****tient. Based on records scientist who have d***** ***** preliminary research ********** autopsy ********** had ***** found some distinguishing damages on the brains of the dead Alzheimer's diseases sufferers (Taylor, 1990).

***** scientists look at these sections through a microscope, they see nerve damage. Changes in the brain include what is called neurotic plaques and neurofibrillary tangles. Plaques


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