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L'Oreal Case Study



Problem Statement

The problem addressed in this case study is the question of whether two new mid-priced family brand l*****e Garnier products be offered to Dutch consumers and as well to answer the question of: "Whether or not th***** ***** should be carefully approached due the complexity of ***** issue due to the fact that L'Oreal already has a prescience in the hair color ***** skincare market however, there is evidence of a growing trend of increased competition. Th***** work examines the use patterns of consumers; the demographics of ***** product distribution and competition in the market. This work will research each brand individually and on a basis of comparison as *****. The first initiative of this ***** study ***** be ***** introduction of the ***** ***** 'Synergie' and 'Belle Coulor'.

Case Study Objectives

The L'Oreal case study within the scope of this specific study will use ***** criteria of measurement first of: (1) Acceptance within the consumer market; and secondly through: (2) Retailer product acceptance. Reviewed as well will be the criteria of ***** management methods ***** the product line ***** finally sales management issues that might severe as primary criteria in ********** of this market. A Marketing 'Mix *****nalysis' will also be conducted in relation ***** the mix*****g of products, pricing, promotion and ***** in the market and specifically as related to the market in the Netherl*****s. It ***** be determined whether the price *****signment to the product should ***** optimally in the low-; mid-; or high-end ***** assignation. Reviewed as well will be issues related ***** '***** *****' which is inclusive of 'target ***** identification and market positioning of the product ad distribution of the ***** to retailers.

I. L'Oreal - Case Study Facts

L'Oreal is stated ***** ***** the 'largest cosmetic manu*****urer in the entire w*****ld during 1992 with its' headquarters located in Paris... and subsidies..." worldwide. 1992 ***** are ***** at: $6.8 billion which is am increase of over 12 percent since the previous year. Net profits of ***** are stated at $417 million; a 14 percent *****. Worldwide sales are broken down as follows by country in ***** following chart labeled Figure 1:

Country Percentage

*****: 24% (worldwide sales)

***** & Western Europe (excluding France): 24% (***** sales)

Canada & U.S. combined 20% (worldwide *****)

All other countries in the world combined

14% (***** sales)

*****: L'Oreal Case ***** Market Analysis (nd)

The company's subsidiaries are divided into ***** groups of either 'Minor' or "Major' countries for the purpose of this analysis as *****: (1) Major countries (Engla*****, France, Germany and ********** and (2) Minor countries (the Nederland and nine others)Noted as being a 'critic*****l success factor for the L'Oreal company is this ***** ability to innovate due to their heavy investment into product research and development which h***** served to inform the market assessment specifically to product introduction toward the end of ********** recovering the company's initial investment. ***** work makes ***** of a 'Dutch


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