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***** is Love? *****, according to the Holy Bible, is patient and kind. Love does not envy or boast and is not proud. Love never fails (NIV 811). This simple term for ***** most powerful emotion in the world is simply not enough. Love is all these th*****gs, it has the ability to empower and increase confidence, ***** lighten a mood or make ***** world seem a better place. Yet it also has the ability to always *****s us feel **********, like a newborn child or tot*****lly incapable of doing the most simplest of tasks.

Therefore, what ***** this intangible emotion ***** power that can leave us without any control over ourselves and increases our vulner***** to being hurt? The Oxford New English Dictionary defines Love as being "a deep rom*****ntic or sexual attachment to someone" (Oxford ***** Dictionary 1094). If love was as simple as this definition *****n the lovers Gods and Goddess, such as Cupid and Ven*****, would have an easy time in bringing people *****gether. However, if we look at myths and legends surrounding ***** characters ***** job was certainly not *****.

Love is not easy to define as many ***** would think. Many would even argue th***** it ***** indefinable, being an ***** beyond words. It is an emotion that can never be understood or thought about in the *****st of *****s as logic does not apply to matters of the heart. F***** example a man or woman may known ***** flaws of their partner, know that they are bad news and that there will be heartbreak, yet they stay. ***** may be despite the knowledge of the flaws or, as a result ***** the choice, not see *****se flaws due to their love for th***** person. Here we ***** also see that there may ***** seen ***** there is difficulty in separating love, p*****sion and infatuation as ***** overlap.

***** we look at ***** we may see them walking down the street hand in hand, ***** hearts pounding as they feel the hand and pulse of their **********, the way their lover smiles or the sweet fragrance ***** their lovers perfume. This is how strong this ***** is, eliciting a physiological response. To hear y***** lover's voice ***** after a few minutes of silence is to some like the soft music of *****ngels.

Yet sometimes ***** love can be bittersweet for ***** all things love ***** turn sour leaving lovers ***** and in pain from the sadness of betrayal.

Love conquers all even life, for when Love ***** turn sour a broken *****t can never be repaired. There is also ***** problem of unrequited love, **********, ***** would argue that this is a lesser form of love; ***** true love.

*****, when love does come in***** a person's life it can ***** most wondrous experience ever felt. Literature ***** art is full of works *****spired by love. The urge to write poems, ***** listen to soft songs that you once thought silly or to


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