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What is Love? Love, according to the Holy Bible, is patient and kind. Love does not envy or boast and is not proud. Love never fails (NIV 811). Th***** simple term for ***** most powerful emotion in the world is simply not enough. Love is all these th*****gs, it has the ability to empower and increase confidence, ***** lighten a mood or make the world seem a better place. Yet it also has the abil*****y to always makes us feel useless, like a newborn child or tot*****lly incapable of doing the most simplest of tasks.

*****erefore, what ***** this intangible emotion ***** power that can leave us without any control over ourselves and increases our vulnerability to being hurt? The Oxford New English Dictionary defines Love as being "a deep romantic or sexual attachment ***** someone" (***** English Dictionary 1094). If love w***** as simple as this definition then the l*****s Gods and Goddess, such as Cupid ***** Venus, *****ould have an easy time in bringing people together. However, if we look at myths and legends surrounding these characters ***** job was certainly not easy.

Love is not ***** to define as m***** people would think. Many ***** even argue th***** it ***** indefinable, being an e*****otion beyond words. It is an emotion *****at ***** never be understood or thought about in the ***** of terms as logic ***** not apply to matters of the heart. For example a man or woman may known ***** flaws of their partner, know that they are bad news and that there will be heartbreak, yet they stay. This ***** be despite the knowledge ***** ***** flaws *****, ***** a result of the choice, not see ********** ***** due to their love for this person. Here we can also see ***** there may be seen that there is difficulty in separating love, passion and infatuation as ***** overlap.

***** we look at lovers we may see them walking down the street hand in hand, ***** hearts pounding as they feel the hand and pulse of their partners, the way their lover smiles or the sweet fragrance ***** their lovers perfume. ***** is how strong this ***** is, eliciting a physiological response. To hear y***** lover's voice ***** after a few minutes of silence ***** to some like the soft music of *****ngels.

Yet sometimes this love can be bittersweet f***** ***** all things love can turn sour leaving ***** hurt ***** in pain from the sadness of betrayal.

***** conquers all even life, for when Love does turn ***** a broken heart can never be repaired. There is also ***** problem ***** unrequited love, however, many would argue that this is a lesser form of love; not true love.

*****, ***** ***** does come into a ********** life it ***** be most wondrous experience ever felt. L*****erature and art is full of works inspired by love. The urge to write poems, to listen to soft songs ***** you once thought silly or to


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