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As in much of the world, Canada operates in ways that lead to discrimination based on gender. This *****ten results in women being denied "a fair share" of benefits and opportunities relative to their acti*****s ***** contributions.

Female employees dominate Canada's service and retail trade industries, but the wages and promotional scales do not reflect this fact. In one four-year study, females earned an average of forty percent less than males in the ***** industry ***** only 34 ***** were promoted to managerial positions.


***** report aims ***** establish an understanding of gender inequality in the hospitality industry in Canada. The objectives of ***** reports include: identifying the reasons why men dominate managerial positions in Canada; discuss*****g reasons for preferential treat*****t for men in the hospitality industry; and examining potential motivations for females to pursue ***** positions and any obstacles ********** face.


***** almost every industry in Canada, ***** occupy a very small proportion ***** the higher-level positions. A 1992 study found that this is especially true ***** the hospitality industry, where 71 percent of men held management positions, whereas only ***** percent ***** women had reached those *****.

The hospitality ***** ***** "male-oriented," despite the fact that women are more present in the *****dustry. According to recent statistics, clerical and service occupations account for more ***** 50 ***** of the female labor force.

Most studies agree that women ***** men differ in terms of motivations for go*****g for managerial positions in ***** industry. Men and ***** have different ***** ***** thinking, ***** ways of working and managing.

***** is important to note that even though Canada is a fully developed, first ***** country, ***** gap between what ***** and women earn in ***** cont*****ues to be substantial. Recent statistics indicate that women in Canada currently earn less than 70 percent ***** what men *****.


***** Today study shows that ***** managers are *****tter with customers, more efficient, more trustworthy, and more generous and ***** with colleagues than ***** male counterparts. However, Canadian society as a whole believes that men, mainly because of the opportunities ***** training they receive, make better managers than wo*****. There*****e, evem though fe*****s make up most of the ***** industry's *****rkforce, they are r*****ly promoted to managerial roles.

***** ***** inequality is partially due to the lack ***** concern of the Canadian government, which fails to implement policies that successfully narrow this gap and insure that impediments, which interfere with ***** ability of women to earn incomes and secure ***** ***** at a level equ*****l ***** men, are removed.

Wo***** are also prevented from achieving equal status in the hospitality industry ***** Canadian society continues to pigeonhole them into certain jobs, which have been historically characterized as "women's work." More than 70% ***** women workers in the hospitality ***** ***** never ***** to managerial positions because it is a common conception th*****t managerial work is a "man's job."



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