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*****: VERIZON

***** the past few years, the competition among companies that sell and support cellular phone telecommunications has dramatically increased; as a result, management and leadership strategies have emerged as key factors in determining the long- term success or ultimate failure of such organizations. In maintaining a healthy organizational culture, management and leadership take on several different roles ***** responsibilities. Verizon, one of the three of the most popular ***** companies, ***** built its business on a simple, powerful premise; the more people connected to a network, the more valuable the network is to those who use it (Verizon 2006, at pp.1). Verizon has focused on servicing the customer, and ranks higher than ***** industry average ***** customer service. The phone company offers phones that feature a host of applications that offer ***** solutions for organizing hectic work ***** personal life schedules. At Verizon, management and leadership play two distinct *****. As a result ***** ***** set the industry standard for business models, revenue models, and core competencies, all the while simultaneously establishing a competitive advantage. This paper will discuss ***** difference between management ***** leadership at Verizon and will analyze the roles that leaders at Verizon *****. It ***** also explain how the four functions of ***** at Verizon ***** ***** creation and maintenance of a ***** organizational *****. Finally, it will conclude by recommending two strategies that managers and leaders can implement to ensure the continuing ***** of the company.

Differences between Leadership and Management at *****

Verizon provides an example ***** a ***** in which management ***** leadership are two different aspects of success. Verizon's leadership style is built on the principles ***** transform*****ional leadership, a concept that has been strongly emphasized in the Un*****ed States. At Verizon, the benefits of transformational ***** include broadening and elevating the interests of *****, generating awareness and acceptance among the managers of the purposes and mission of their employee staff, and motivating managers to go beyond ***** self-interests for the good of the employee staff and the company overall. Leaders at Verizon articulate a re*****listic vision of the future that can be shared, stimulate managers intellectually, and pay attention ***** ***** differences among the management team. In comparison, management *****m operates to stimulate their ***** staff on an individual s*****re or location basis. Leadership serves to highlight the goals of ***** company, and management defines the need for change, creates new *****s, and mobilizes ***** staff toward commitment to ********** visions.

***** to ***** principles at Verizon, the transform*****ion of the employee staff can ***** achieved by raising the awareness ***** the importance and value of desired outcomes, getting employees to transcend their own ***** ***** altering or expanding employees' needs. ***** Verizon, a le*****der is one ***** recognizes what management and staff want to get from their work and tries to see ***** employees ***** ***** they desire if ***** performance warrants it; exchanges rewards for appropriate levels of effort; ***** responds to ***** self-interests as long


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