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Marketing Plan


Over the years pet grooming business has turned out to be a lucrative one with increasing num*****r of people engaging the services of a professional pet groomer driving ***** pet ***** business to grow at a steady pace. Pet owners consider th***** a properly groomed pet feels and remains in good health and cheer. Cashing on this market need, there ***** been proliferation of ***** pet *****s offering their services. Therefore launching a pet grooming business would not only be ***** sound business proposition but also be fulfilling one as well. If the figures of National Industry - Occupation Employment Matrix, which was brought ***** ***** U.S. Bureau ***** Labor Statistics, show that by 2010, the dem***** for involving the professional pet groomer's services ***** enhance by 12%. ("Pet Grooming Products," n. d.)

Almost all professional pet groomers manage to groom on an average about seven to ten ********** on a daily basis remaining engaged for nearly five ***** six days on a weekly *****. The key to emerge successful in a pet ***** business are loads of patience, love for *****imals and a constant yearning to learn. Lack of marketing knowledge will spell disaster for ***** grooming business. Hence the hallmark of building a c*****pable pet grooming business are building a solid customer base which keeps returning and emerging as the top ***** the mind recall for customers. Once customers have information regarding the benefits of a particular pet grooming services, they will keep returning to the same company repeatedly. Hence a ***** ***** pet ***** a happy pet owner shall be the target of a serious businessman. Besides, it is seen ***** starting a mobile pet ***** business would be more advantageous ***** cus*****mers prefer that way. A 'pick and deliver pet grooming service' ***** come as a ***** convenient *****. ("Pet Grooming *****," n. d.)

Before rolling out a pet ***** business, it would be useful to do all the home work and be armed ***** the b*****ic skills needed for entering the ***** grooming profession. A *****al pet grooming certificate can ***** obtained from any pet school of repute. Besides, there are online courses on the subject. It pays to have a ***** background regarding animal psychology and a groomer must know the m*****nner in which to handle *****m properly. One can also acquire knowledge regard*****g pet grooming as ***** the business of ***** grooming ***** working under ***** guidance ***** a professional pet groomer besides checking ***** some of the collection of books and e-books available ***** about ***** a pet grooming business. Having ***** regarding pets will certainly beneficial in this business. Some ***** the indicative points which would be helpful for starting on a pet ***** business *****re (i) thorough ***** regarding the dynamics of the pet grooming business (ii) different aspects of running a mobile pet ***** business (iii) Start-ups costs of starting an independent pet grooming business (iv) details regarding pet grooming equipment, *****ols ***** supplies, wholesale dealers,


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