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I. Product Description

The product to be marketed is a video game based on the upcoming Transformers feature film. The game will ***** rated for all audiences but will contain some non-graphic violence. Its style wile be similar to most movie-***** ***** *****s in that it will roughly follow the plot line of the movie, with the player *****ing able to play the role of one ***** main characters with the challenge of overcoming various enemies. The game is scheduled to be released for all major game systems. It ***** also be released as part of ***** pre-***** release promotions, roughly two months prior to the film hitting theaters.

Environmental Analysis

This ***** will be effected by environmental factors. Most notably will ***** the ***** in which it is based on. Prior to the films *****, the video game's success will be dependent on the films pre-release marketing strategy. Although the video game can be marketed in*****ly, it is re*****y dependent on ***** promotion of the film in general. If the ***** ***** not widely promoted, then few consumers will ***** interested in the video game. This becomes even more true as Transformers is based on a ch*****racter set popular several decades ago. ***** release ***** the film is expected to create a new, nostalgia-based hype for this character set. The success of the ***** game is dependent on the success ***** the film's hype.

Fur*****r, the video game ***** ***** dependent on ***** film's overall box office *****. If the film is not popular at the ***** office, ***** all related marketing products, including ***** video game, will most likely not succeed. These envir*****mental ***** are fac*****rs that cannot be controlled ***** the product makers. The *****st that can be done ***** to heavily promote the video game in order to build hype for ***** upcoming movie release, which will thus create more demand for the video game.

Marketing Strategy

The best ***** ***** will to coordinate efforts with ***** products that are spin offs of the movie. By creating a joint marketing strategy, all producers will benefit because all the products are really selling the same thing: ***** Transformer label. Consumers will not see each product as a separate entity but instead ***** ***** of the Transformer franchise. Thus, it is important to create a concise ********** coordinated marketing message. For example, if the ***** is targeted towards adults but other products are ***** towards grade school kids, the ***** strategies will work against each *****. Instead, the franchise as a whole needs to market the entire image towards a particular, targeted *****. In this case it will be towards those individuals who grew up w*****h, and are therefore familiar with, the *****. Namely, males *****tween the ages ***** twenty-five and forty. ***** is also one ***** main target gro*****s for video ********** in general.

Marketing Mix

As previously stated, the product will be a video game based on the movie Trans*****mers. Further, it ***** be made


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