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I will never hurt your children; I love your children.' So thundered Fr. Percival D'Silva, trembling, in his sermon at the Blessed Sacrament Church in Chevy Chase, MD," wrote Maureen Dowd in her weekly column in the New York Times (Dowd, 2002). Fr. Percival has been one of the few to speak out against the defensive attitude of the Catholic Church—one of obfuscation, dishonesty and callousness . . . .

Copyright Laws vs. Peer-To-Peer File Transfer

This paper presents a detailed examination of copyright laws, with a comparison to peer-to-peer file transfer. The author will take the reader on an exploratory journey, in which the details and outcomes of several well-known cases will be scrutinized. The author will also discuss the importance of copyright laws, and the elements of various . . . .



The purpose of this paper is to introduce and discuss the poem "Being Brought From Africa," by Phillis Wheatley.


Phillis Wheatley came to America as a slave when she was a young girl; she was probably about eight-years-old when Mr. and Mrs. Wheatley purchased her. She lived in Boston with the family, serving as . . . .

Florida's Homeless

Introduction and Demographics


Resources -Federal, State, Local



Florida's Homeless

The state of Florida is faced with a serious crisis in which there is no easy solution. The state is currently failing to provide adequate shelter and affordable housing for its rapidly increasing homeless population.

. . . .

Integrated Urban Port and Harbor Planning with Environmental Assessment and Coast Guard Facilities

Port planning is a multifaceted project that involves technical, operational, economic, social, and environmental aspects. The projects may range from terminal rehabilitation until altering the whole area into a communal park, involving several different aspects in economic, social, . . . .


Subject: Canadian Expansion Research have recently been contacted by the The Minister of Trade and Commerce for Canada, who contacted me for the purpose of encouraging Burger Delight to expand into the Canadian market. I have researched the Canadian market and have found expansion into the area to be a promising possibility.

The major benefits are the similarity . . . .


Summary: This is a paper on Trade between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, focusing on how it affects their international trade relations with special attention to OPEC, GCC and the Qatar dispute. It uses 22 sources in MLA format.


Both Saudi Arabia and Bahrain are members of the Gulf Cooperation Council along with . . . .



The purpose of this paper is to introduce and discuss Phillis Wheatley and the poem "Being Brought From Africa."


Phillis Wheatley came to America as a slave when she was a young girl; she was probably about eight-years-old when Mr. and Mrs. Wheatley purchased her. She lived in Boston with the family, serving as a . . . .

biography of the World War II Nurse, Frances Payne Bolton

This paper presents a detailed biography of the World War II Nurse, Frances Payne Bolton. The writer examines her life as a youngster and a young adult, which led her to the nursing career she made such a difference in. The writer describes the improvements that Bolton made as well as the positions that she held during her . . . .

Recent research about brain development opens up tremendous opportunities to improve education. In some aspects, the education community has embraced this research and used it to develop profoundly different approaches to learning. At the same time, the research conflicts with many systemic practices among school administrators and education policy-makers.

Five significant conclusions . . . .

Fast Food Advertising


Fast Food advertising has been allowed to profess anything, from the 'healthy quality' of their food to the food company's contribution to homeless kids. While fast food giants are quick to take any of their detractors to court for any erroneous allegations made by members of the public, it doesn't stop these same companies from committing libel . . . .

American Tax System vs. Other Countries

The federal government first imposed an individual income tax in 1862 as an emergency means of financing the Civil War. It also established the Bureau of Internal Revenue, predecessor of the Internal Revenue Service. Tax rates were 3 percent on income from $600 to $10,000 and 5 percent on income above $10,000. Later in the war the maximum rate . . . .

Tennessee 2002

Summary: This is a paper that discusses the issue of tax cuts it the State of Tennessee faced in the year 2002. It uses 3 sources in MLA format.


The issue of income tax has become the most significant for Tennessee in the recent years. After thousands of angry taxpayers upset claims at a plan to implement income tax the government has finally . . . .

Part I: An Overview of the Starbucks Company and Franchise

Starbucks is one of the most popular franchises in America today. It has revolutionized the way individuals view coffee in America. Rather than white or black, Americans from coast to coast can sip espressos or dally over a half-caffeinated, half-decaffeinated lattes with 2% milk before they head to work in the morning. Rather . . . .

Work Force 2020: Work and Workers in the 21st Century

About the authors

Richard W. Judy is a Senior Research Fellow at the Hudson Institute. He is the senior co-author of Workforce 2020, a book about the challenges and opportunities that will face the American corporations and workers in the early years of the twenty first century. Richard W. Judy is presently the Director of the . . . .

On virtually every college campus across the country, students are greeted with the familiar sight of individuals seated at folding tables, with the purpose of marketing credit cards to them. These salespeople are most frequently seen during the beginning of the college semester and are usually young and attractive and smiling, barely older than the students themselves. Quite often, if a . . . .

pros and cons of dropping or lowering corporate taxes

ABSTRACT: This is a paper with two charts concerning corporate taxes. Corporations are taxed under a tax rate structure depending on the income. There has been talk about dropping the corporate tax. This paper will discuss the pros and cons of this. What methods can be used to drop or lower corporate taxes and why?

HOW . . . .

Company Profile: Greyhound

Executive Summary


Problem Definition

Corporate Culture Problematic

Goals of the Business Unclear

Lack of Competitive Advantage

Integration of Businesses Ineffective

Responsive not Proactive Approach


Conduct Comprehensive Analysis on the Organization

Continue With . . . .

History of Coca-Cola Company (Coke)

Introduction and Overview

We all know - at least if we are old enough to have heard the jingle - that Coke would like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. Except that this isn't quite true. What the Coca-Cola Company would most like to do is to teach the world to drink Coke - or one of its other wholly owned brands. The company has in . . . .

The French Revolution -1789-1791

The French Revolution was the greatest revolution of the 18th century. It was the revolution that started the modern era of politics and had its origins in the financial problems of the government.

In the 1770s and 1780s, a protracted war with England left the government of France depleted of money. France's national debt was high and bankruptcy . . . .


One of the first black spokespersons ever to come into the living rooms of millions of white Americans was Oprah Winfrey. Prior to that black Americans excelled in sports. They might have seen Mohammad Ali in a boxing match. Black Americans were gaining recognition in politics. Of course, there was the memory of Martin Luther King. . . . .

Chocolate: Behind Its Bad Rap

Chapter One - Introduction to the Problem

Introduction to the Problem

In today's society, chocolate is everywhere. It seems that people have developed a love-hate relationship with chocolate. According to the US Department of Commerce, in 1997, the average American ate 11.7 pounds of chocolate. American adults ranked chocolate as the most- . . . .


Summary: This is a paper that analyze and evaluate the disagreement between Martin Luther King Jr. and Lewis Van Dusen Jr. over the ethics of civil disobedience by applying the following questions.

1. What does each argument say?

One of the evangelists of the 20th century, Martin Luther King Jr. presents the argument that civil disobedience is important in . . . .

Against Sex in Advertising

Many advertisers know the power of using sex in advertising. Sex sells. Pretty female models in bathing suits are used in car ads. Years ago, a pretty blonde woman was in a shaving cream commercial on television urging men to take it all off. Women are used as sex objects more frequently than men.

There is basis in psychological theory to validate the . . . .

There is much involved in the maintenance of a successful organization, regardless of said organization's role, whether it be commercial, non-profit or private. Most central, perhaps, to that maintenance is the quality of the organization's personnel. But hiring and recruiting practices are not enough, alone, to ensure this level of individual efficiency. Beyond careful selection of affiliated . . . .

Strategic Competition vs. Team Cooperation

Marketing Strategy of


An online retailer of nutritional supplements and alternative medicine, Herbal Advisor has a marketing staff of 10 Product Marketing Executives (PMEs) among whom; around 10 thousand products (incl. variations) of the Web Site are evenly distributed for their paid Web Marketing. . . . .

The Demand for Imported Tea in the United States

According to basic economic theory, the level of demand for the import of any good for consumption is determined by the following factors, though their relative importance may vary from country to country: the real prices of the good; the real prices of its substitute or complementary good; the real income; the size of the population, its . . . .

A visit to Seaworld might not seem very adventurous. It might not seem to mean very much of anything at all except for a relatively pleasant - if rather expensive - way to spend an afternoon.

However, part of both the appeal and the marketability of going to a place like Seaworld is that it speaks to something inside of us that longs for adventure. Very few of us will ever get to swim . . . .

Learning Styles and Neuroanatomy of the Left & Right Hemispheres of the Brain

ABSTRACT: This is a paper concerning learning styles and the right/left hemispheres. How do these affect the higher order visual processing?


The human brain is mind puzzling when you think of all the intimate parts and how they affect learning. . . . .

Current Economic Indicators

Economic indicators are used to measure the financial health of the economy. There are many methods and tools for measuring the economy and every economist has his favorite method. The health of the economy is measured by tracking certain indicators. Different economists use these indicators in various combinations. Some economists place more or less weight . . . .

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