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Marketing Strategy and Research

Select three companies that make products ***** consumers want but run contrary to society's best interests. Factoring in the companies profit goals, discuss the ways in which they might resolve the conflicts that arise between satisfy*****g individual wants and guarding ***** welfare.

Perhaps the most obvious example of a company that manufactures a product that consumers desire, although ***** mass consumption of such a product runs *****gainst society's best ***** is that ***** Big Tobacco, specifically RJR Reynolds Tobacco. The more people smoke, and *****, the more ***** start smoking, the higher the profit margins of the RJR Reynolds company—so long as the people who start smoking are not on the ***** Reynolds health care plan. The addiction of smoking does not merely hurt the individual, but costs society millions in ***** care, lost wages due to medical infirmities, orphans children earlier than expected, and impacts the quality of the air. The RJR Reynolds Company's attempts to ***** ***** conflict, between **********, generating demand, and protecting society and ***** by creating 'lite' cigarettes, supposedly discouraging children from *****, and targeting consumers overse*****, has proved unsatisfactory in the eyes of most Americans. Perhaps the only tenuous compromise would be to support indoor smoking bans to protect nonsmoking consumers, and encouraging parents to smoke outdoors, and ***** in front of their *****.

McDonald's has a similar problem—the more consumers eat its fatten*****g foods, the higher ***** company's pr*****it margins. The company attempts to stress physical activity as well as consumption of its product, but ***** a m*****rathon runner could burn off the calories in a super sized meal. To atone for the cost to society ***** ***** form of health care *****, McDonald's supports community endeavors such as the Ronald McDonald House. But it would ***** even ***** socially responsible to encourage *****ing less caloric foods in smaller portions, but still eating at McDonald's on a frequent b*****sis—***** making the traditional burger and fry *****s ***** and ***** caloric, consumers may feel they are getting less value, and the company's traditional market base may reject *****y options if provided at a higher cost.

*****, another purveyor like McDonalds, ***** attempted the ***** creative use of its 'bad' effects of fast food by encouraging consumers to eat ***** food alongside offering more healthy alternatives of the same product, rather than different products like McDonald's. By using the potentially healthy calorie-cutting options it ********** as a way of losing weight, while still ***** frequently at Subway, even if ***** mass ***** of fast food ***** has negative effects, such as encouraging consumers to eat together as a family less frequently, and *****ing on the run.

As we ***** all aware, utilizing competitive marketing strategies is best for ***** that depend on its industry position for their success. Which of the marketing *****, (e.g. Market *****ing, market segmentation, target *****ing, etc) would you recommend each of the following firms to use over ***** next 12 months: American airlines, AOL Time Warner,


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