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***** Corporation, a multinational company, is one of the world's leading direct sellers. Through its Tupperware brand, ***** ***** provides consumers a number of products with premium food storage and preparation and serving items. Tupperware also offers premium beauty and skin care *****, mainly in North America, through ***** BeautiControl brand. Designed to accommodate food of every shape and size, each Tupperware container features a flexible seal that expands ***** fit those odd-shaped foods that may slightly exceed the height of the *****.

Tupperware makes use of different national and inter***** magazines and trade journals for advertising its products ***** their features. Tupperware ***** sure that it can meet the needs ***** homemakers' k*****chen related ***** (Kotler and Fox, 1985).

***** contrast, Rubbermaid creates and manufactures innovative things that organize our lives. As the trendsetter in the housewares industry for innovation ***** product design, Rubbermaid categories span home storage and garage organization, food storage and laundry, bath and cleaning, closet organization and refuse removal. Product lines include Home Organization (home storage, drawers, laundry & utility, wastebaskets), Kitchen & Bath (food storage, kitchen *****, *****), Cleaning (smallwares and stickgoods), Closet ***** (complete systems both free standing and mounted), and Hardware/Seasonal (*****, outdoor & garage *****, insulated, hardware & tools, lawn & garden, mailboxes). ***** *****s can be found in mass retailers, hardware & home center stores, warehouse clubs, supermarkets, drug stores, department stores, specialty stores, and distributors. Rubbermaid advertises its products for general consumers through various trade journals, television shows, and newspapers (Kotler and Fox, 1985).


*****, P. ***** Fox, K. F. A. (*****). Strategic marketing ***** educational institutions. Englewood Cliffs, NJ:


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