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***** Corporation, a multin*****tional company, is one of the world's leading direct sellers. Through its Tupperware brand, the ***** provides consumers a number of products with premium food storage and preparation and serving items. Tupperware also offers ***** beauty and skin care *****, mainly in North America, through ***** BeautiControl *****. Designed to accommodate food of every shape and size, each ***** container features a flexible seal that expands ***** fit those odd-shaped *****s that may slightly exceed the height of the *****.

Tupperware makes use of different national and international magazines and trade journals for advertising its products ***** their features. Tupperware makes sure ***** it can meet the needs of homemakers' kitchen related needs (Kotler and Fox, 1985).

***** contrast, Rubbermaid creates and manufactures innovative things that organize our lives. As the trendsetter in the housewares industry for innovation ***** product design, ***** categories span home storage and garage organization, food ***** and laundry, bath ***** cleaning, closet organization and refuse removal. Product lines include Home Organization (home storage, drawers, laundry & utility, wastebaskets), Kitchen & Bath (food *****, kitchen organization, *****), Cleaning (smallwares and stickgoods), Closet Organization (complete systems both free standing and mounted), and Hardware/Seasonal (refuse, outdoor & garage storage, insulated, hardware & tools, lawn & garden, mailboxes). Rubbermaid *****s can be found in mass retailers, hardware & home center stores, warehouse clubs, supermarkets, drug *****, department stores, specialty stores, and distributors. ***** advertises its products for general ***** through various trade journals, television shows, ***** newspapers (***** and Fox, 1985).


*****, P. and Fox, K. F. A. (*****). Strategic marketing ***** educational institutions. Englewood Cliffs, NJ:


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