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Measuring the Effects of Cross-Cultural Communication Styles among Top Management Teams in Union and Non-Union Mach*****e Fabrication Companies in ***** United States



Research Objectives

Hypothesis and Research Questions

Literature Review



Delimitations ***** Study


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Measuring the Effects of Cross-Cultural Communication Styles ***** Top Management Teams in Union ***** Non-Union Mach*****e Fabrication Companies in ***** United *****

In today's globally integrated business environment it is likely that top management will encounter persons of a different culture on some level. Top managerial staff ***** likely to enter in***** negotiati*****s and conduct other forms ***** bus*****ess with persons of a ***** culture. Some may employ staff from differing cultural backgrounds. How they h*****le these interactions sets the stage for success or failure in an economy ***** cont*****ues to become m*****e culturally ***** as time goes on. Managers must learn to handle business ***** *****eign partners, foreign subsidiaries, foreign colleagues, and foreign subordinates.

***** research will explore the various styles and modes used in Cross-cultural communication among union and nonunion manufacturing firms. It ***** accomplish this t*****k through ***** use ***** a survey ********** to top managers of small to medium sized companies located in the United States. The survey will include managers ***** both union and ***** shops. Managers will be able to ***** information from the ***** to improve Cross-Cultural *****s both inside and outside of *****ir organization. The results will help them ***** improve business relationships and gain a competitive ********** by doing so.

Cross-cultural communications ***** relationships were something that only larger corporations needed to worry about in the past. Global ***** was limited by difficulties entering into foreign markets and communication. *****ever, advances in ***** such as the Internet make it e*****ier for medium and small ***** to do business on a global *****. Many of the small ***** medium firms have l*****tle or no experience ********** business with people of ***** cultures. These are the company's ***** will ***** the focus ***** this research project.

***** to do business ***** pers*****s from a culture different ***** one's own goes beyond simply *****ing to speak their language. Differences in viewpo*****t and customs can mean mistakes in communication that ***** stall or stop a budding business relationship. In order to understand how to ***** business with someone of a different culture one must delve ***** ***** cultural biases ***** affect their opinions and attitudes as well as other aspects such as body *****, etiquette, and ***** finer points ***** the communication process. This will be a topic of explor*****tion in the current research study.


********** management is a growing research field. Many ***** now find it necessary to hire firms or conduct training seminars on how to c*****duct business with various cultures. Cross-cultural communication has ***** an import*****t part ***** the ***** world, and as ***** ***** continues to integrate, it ***** likely ***** remain so in the future as well. ***** communication is an import*****t part of the bus*****ess world.

In *****


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