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Media and Politics


The relationship between the media and politics is one that goes back to the early days of print. Today, the ***** has evolved to one ***** causes ***** public to sometimes question who is in charge; the media or the government. At other times, as was the case with the U.S. invasion of Iraq, when ***** term "embedded reporter" was invented; the ***** and the political entity seem completely synchronized in goal ***** ideas that it ***** difficult ***** separate where one or the o*****r begins on an issue, ********** the other ends. ***** ***** ***** we see a vying for power, as was the case in 1998 when the Minnesota state election results brought news to Minnesotans of their new governor, Jesse "the body" Ventura, a former wrestling television star, talk show radio host, and, *****n, Minnesota's new governor (Schultz, David and Lang, Peter, 2000, p. xi). Then, in *****, close Ventura friend and costar in the action film Predator, Arnold Schwarzenegger ***** elected as ***** of California (Ramarkrishnan, S. Karthick, 2005, p. 148). Celebrity politics, media coverage, and politics have taken on a new delivery to ***** public, and it is ***** that is c*****s*****tent w*****h pop culture. We see a ***** and political relationship today that is one ***** common interests, diverging *****, or separate interests; and the nature of the interest dictates how ***** media and the ***** entity or individual work together. The question ***** *****ether or not this ***** media-political relationship is inf*****ming the public with facts and information that can be deemed reliable.

We Make You, We'll Break You Media

When Jesse Ventura announced h***** candidacy for governor of Minnesota, *****, in *****is rough and tough talk vocabulary ***** way, attempted to convey a sense of seriousness about his goals for ***** state *****re is little question but that *****out the m*****sive media attention Ventura received in ***** campaign bid for M*****nesota's governor's office, he would probably ***** failed in his effort to ***** elected to that office as a third party - meaning he was running as a candidate who was not affiliated with ei*****r t***** Democratic party, or the Republican *****. "Out of 535 Congressional and U.S. Senate seats, only two are held by an independent representative (one each from Vermont and Virginia), none by ***** parties (Hill, Steve, 2002, p. 57)." T***** means that ***** media, *****erceiving Ventura, by virtue of his celebrity, as a news item, followed and contributed to the candidate's political success ***** a greater ***** attention than *****y might have spent on an independent or third party candidate without the celebrity ***** Ventura had. In ***** c*****e, the media was largely resp*****sible for "making" ***** ********** ***** successful.

Unfortunately, once Ventura arrived at his new office, he was met with hostility from his legislative body that he needed to support him if he ***** to make any progress as Minnesota's governor. The media switched lanes on Ventura, and, once he was *****


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