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Medical Ethics

Do Not Resuscitate Patients

In the situation below, I want to argue that ***** with a 'Do ***** Resuscit*****te' (DNR) Order should NOT be transported to a hospital - especially by an Emergency Department - for medical treatment.

My argument assumes that patients who have signed such an order underst*****d ***** full meaning of DNR, and have accepted the responsibility this entails. My argument assumes ***** the medical professionals underst***** the ramifications of not transporting a patient ***** treatment, and that the legal aspects of DNR orders have been dealt with by ***** department's legal representatives. My argument also assumes that the patients are in some kind of medical arrest or emergency, or ***** suffered a catastrophic type ***** illness, such as heart attack or stroke. In addition, my ***** ***** that family members of patients with DNR orders understand their loved one's desires, and will comply with their wishes.

Ethical and medical facts ***** key to this situation. The patient must have a current ***** verifi*****ble DNR order. The patient ***** be notified of the decision not to transport. The patient has ***** right to change the *****, or ***** nullify it. The patient's family cannot become involved in the *****. ***** ***** department staff must be prepared to make quick decisions. The emergency department ***** must ***** prepared ***** analyze the patient's condition and make a binding decision *****bout it. If a patient has a DNR, the age of the patient must be analyzed ***** taken into account in the decision. It depends on what the patient is suffering from whe*****r they should be transp*****ted or not. Emergency ***** pers*****nel ***** be ***** to play "God" in these instances. ***** ***** does not necessarily remove all fault ***** the emergency department. The patient must ***** suffering a life-threatening illness ***** cond*****ion for emergency room department staff to consider the DNR.

Ethic*****y, th***** is certainly a touchy and difficult situation. However, the *****s and needs of the patient must be fully considered, and a patient ***** a ***** order cle*****rly ***** not want to go on living if *****ir quality of life is challenged or reduced. ***** DNR *****der does not stand in other situations, such as non-life threaten*****g accidents, etc (such ***** a broken leg. The patient would be transported in th***** situation). ********** are many ethical decisions ***** ***** have to made ***** the emergency department in ***** *****, and they will literally have ***** play "*****" in ***** *****, which may be ethically and morally difficult ***** some personnel. Some people believe that DNR orders are not legal or moral, and the staff has no authority to act on them. However, the ***** ***** ***** at the heart ***** this ethical dilemma, and ***** should always be discussed and adhered to. ***** is the patient's life, after all, and not the medical department's ***** that is on the line. A DNR order is a highly person decision, *****nd no person creates one of these


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