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Located in Stillwater, Oklahoma, with a branch in Wichita, Kansas, AmosWEB is an Internet-based resource for all things concerning the world of economics. Offered by ***** LLC the site was established in April 1, 2000 to publish economics information and instructional resources through the World Wide Web. The best feature of the website is the touch of whimsy. Almost any economic topic, including ***** Elasticity ***** Demand and Supply, is discussed from several different aspects, but from a humorous perspective. ***** pages *****in Amosweb include:

As for its authenticity or reliability, is currently maintained by Amos Kmiec. The site cons*****tently ranks in the top 10 percent of ***** *****s on the Internet (accord*****g to, with the most popular resource being the Glossary feature, which gives a full explanation of hundreds ***** micro***** terms. The principle author and content developer of ********** is Orley M. Amos, PhD, a Professor of Economics at Oklahoma State University. In addition, Assistant Professor of Economics at Cali*****nia ***** University, Antonio Avalos is also a frequent contributor. http://www.economicindic*****

***** contrast to **********, which is maintained privately, th***** site is maintained by ***** US Bureau ***** Labor Statistics making it more reliable and trustworthy. The web***** contains data sets and information about a v*****riety of economic variables. ***** site actually provides some of the statistics to support the claims made on numerous ecomomic and political websites. ***** ***** supply, price, and income can be researched according to those statistics that shed light ***** the *****age change in price and demand, such as CPI.

Economic Indica***** is the same type of website as ***** BLS, however it is maintained by the Economics and Stat*****tics Administration at the U.S. Department of Commerce, which provides a host ***** key d*****ily economic releases and indic*****ors form the Bureau of Economic Analysis and ***** US Census Bureau. An example of some ***** these are:

Advance Monthly Sales for Retail and Food Services, Advance Report on Durable Goods, Construction Put in Place, Corporate Profits, Current Account Balance (International Transactions), Gross Domestic Product, Personal Income and Outlays. The site provides a free service which will email economic data ***** as it released.

All three sites together offer the commentary and facts needed to make an ********** decision about ***** direction and state of the


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