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Migros Company Visit

***** number of corporations of all types have discovered that adopting so-called "green" or environmentally friendly and socially responsible business practices can pay large dividends in terms of more efficient operations and engendering consumer good will, but grocery retailers have largely been absent from this movement with a notable exception. The Swiss grocery retailer, Migros, has been in the vanguard of corporations that have focused on improving the quality ***** life for its partners and the customers it serves through such practices, which is a truly rem*****rkable approach to doing business for grocery s*****res ***** traditionally have been compelled to compete using razor-thin profit margins in a highly competitive environment. While these ***** tactics ***** not always worked out the way the company envisioned or desired, to its credit, ***** continues to adhere to these socially ***** business practices today and expects them to help fuel its continued growth into new markets in the future. To determ*****e what fact*****s have played a role in the company's ***** to date, this paper provides an overview of the comp*****y's history, some key facts ***** figures ab***** Migros, its corporate strategy/philosophy and current ***** past issues that have affected the company. A summary of the research and lessons learned are provided in the conclusion.

Review and Discussion

History of the company.

Established in 1925 by Gottlieb Duttweiler, ***** has grown from its humble origins operating from a few Model T trucks ***** 16 employees in Zurich to emerge as a major grocery retailer and employer in Switzerl***** today (*****bout Migros, 2009). According to *****' ***** Web site, "With a starting capital of 100,000 francs, Gottlieb Duttweiler bought five Model ***** Ford trucks and stocked *****m with six basic products (c*****fee, rice, sugar, pasta, coconut oil and soap) which he offered at up to 40 percent cheaper than his competitors" (About Migros, 2009, p. 1). Opening its first self-service store in *****948 (***** Migros), Migros has diversified from ***** six ***** products over the years ***** now offers ***** customers a one-stop shopping experience that rivals American-based Wal-Mart. According to ********** corporate Web site, "Whatever you think Migros is, you are right because Migros ***** as versatile as hardly another company in Switzerland: it's ***** centers, publishing, travel, banking, industrial management, sponsor, culture and photographic processing, airline services, bakery ***** and even a lot more" (About Migros, *****, p. 2).

***** figures ***** *****.

Today, Migros is the largest retailer in ***** as well as being one of the 500 largest companies in ***** entire world (About Migros, 2009). ***** to Re*****hardt and ***** *****sociates, "Primarily a retailer for foods ***** near-foods products, the cooperative Migros, with close to 600 retail outlets in Switzerland (***** only four outside its domestic market), is facing stiffer competition, both from existing competi*****rs (***** as Coop) and ***** arrivals (such as hard discounters Lidi and Aldi)" (p. 37). ***** ***** em*****loys almost 80,000 people ***** has annual revenues in excess of 20 billion ***** (About


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