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The topic that I have chosen for my argument-based research is minimum wage law in the country. I firmly feel ***** minimum wage law must never be repealed because it tends to benefit the poorest section of the society. The law has been heatedly debated in many legal, social and political circles as the opponents hold views that are strictly negative in nature and they maintain that minimum wage leg*****lation is only adding to country's numerous economic problems. There*****e it is important to d*****cuss both sides ***** the issue and see why minimum ***** ***** has not been scraped. For the sake of maintaining objectivity, let us see ***** sides of ***** *****. It will au*****matically make it clear why we should keep the law.

Minimum wage ***** was enacted in 1930s when Roosevelt administration found ***** unskilled workers were not being paid the *****s that they deserved and th***** a ***** wage per hour was fixed in the Fair labor Act of 1938. But would we really believe that the first rate ***** was only 25 cents per hour and even this meager ***** was disapproved by ***** Supreme Court of the United States. But Roosevelt administration at least took that first step to introduce fair practices in trade ***** business and laid the foundation for future labor laws.

Now after the introduction ***** the topic, it is important to understand why the leg*****lation still encounters staunch opposition. The anti-legislation quarter is of the view that minimum wage law increases the rate of unemployment in the country. This happens ***** ***** there is fixed ***** ***** be ***** to labor, the job opportunities ***** unskilled ***** shrink by a large margin. Let us understand why ***** happens. When employers know that ***** are required to pay a certain amount to their workers, they would naturally want to hire only those who have adequate skills and ***** also ***** to employ fe*****r people. This throws unskilled ***** section of the society out of work but we need to understand that this was the very section that government wanted to ***** from ***** legislation. From a low r*****te of ***** cents ***** hour in 1938, minimum wage rate has increased ***** more than $6 per hour, which is *****ly a great improvement, but people are of the view that minimum wage leg*****lation also gives rise to inflation in the country. This happens because it is believed that when ***** have ***** purchas*****g power, they are likely ***** bring more money into the market, which ***** increase prices ***** goods and this leads to inflation. Thus opponents feel that w*****h higher minimum wage, poverty ***** ***** this is certainly a valid argument but still it is important to see what proponents of the legislation ***** to say in ***** regard so that we can reach a balanced objective conclusion.

Opponents have failed to take into account the demand and supply side of ***** argument. It is true that minimum


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