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Mother Theresa was one of the most amazing people of ***** 21st century, and I would be honored to live my life by her example. She taught a world gripped by w*****r, greed, ***** materialistic concerns about true selflessness and kindness. ***** devoted her life to the care of the poor of Calcutta, ***** made the world a better pl*****ce because she *****d.

She inspired others her kindness and compassion that transcended both race and religion. I could only hope ***** mirror her example by trying to live my life by the same principles ***** *****, compassion, and acceptance that ***** *****d her life by. If I live my life according to her *****, I ***** truly say that my life has meaning, ***** that I have made ***** world a better place.

***** Theresa was a European woman who devoted her life ***** caring for the poor and destitute on the streets of Calcutta, **********. She ********** along side ***** *****est people, treated their illnesses, tried to make sure that they had enough ***** eat, and educated their children. As a woman of the church, she taught the poor of Calcutta about the word of God, and that God truly loved them. She passed away in 1997, after spending almost all of her adult life in the service of God, caring ***** the least fortunate ***** his *****.

***** ***** be a gr***** honor ***** a privilege to live ***** life by ***** same ***** as Mot***** Theresa did. Mother Theresa was one of the kindest, most selfless individuals known to ***** modern *****. She spent her entire ***** treating and caring for the *****est ***** on the face of the planet. Her unyielding compassi*****, charity, kindness ***** warmth of spirit are principle that I can only ***** to ***** in my own small way.

Perhaps one of the greatest accomplishments of Mot***** *****'s life is ***** way that she ********** others to live their lives by her example. When we see her ***** example, it is difficult not to compare our sometimes-self*****h lives to her selfless devotion to others.

***** society is greatly concerned with superficial things like material gain and physical appearance. Mother Theresa reminds us ***** the true value in ***** is ***** ***** these ***** concerns. Her ***** shows us that true meaning comes from serving others, and devoting ourselves ***** a higher and noble cause than ourselves.

Mother Theresa's example ***** all *****s, and ***** races. She was a white, Christian woman, in the *****ndian society of Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists, ***** yet she ***** con*****red a saint in all their eyes. I can ***** hope to live my life by this example, and to see ***** true compassion and ***** transcends race and religion, and that ***** individuals in our world deserve unend*****g support and kindness.

Mother Theresa truly ***** the world a ***** pl*****ce *****cause ***** *****d. If I live my ***** with some of ***** same *****ness, kindness ***** charity in


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