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Mother Theresa was one of the most amazing people of the 21st century, and I would be honored to live my life by her example. She taught a world gripped by war, greed, and materialistic concerns about true selflessness ***** kindness. ***** devoted ***** ***** to the care ***** the poor of Calcutta, and made the world a better pl*****ce because she *****d.

***** inspired o*****rs her kindness and compassion that transcended both race and religion. I could only hope ***** mirror her example by trying to live my life by the same principles of kindness, compassion, and acceptance that ***** *****d her ***** by. If I live my life according to her example, I could truly say ***** my life has meaning, and that I have made the world a better place.

***** Theresa was a European woman who devoted her life to caring for the poor and destitute on the streets of Calcutta, **********. She lived along side ***** poorest people, treated their illnesses, tried to make sure that they had enough ***** eat, and educated their children. As a woman of the church, she taught the poor ***** Calcutta about the word of God, and that God truly loved *****m. She passed away in 1997, after spending almost all ***** ***** adult life in the service of *****, caring for the least fortunate of his *****.

***** ***** be a great honor and a privilege to live my life by ***** same principles as Mother Theresa did. Mother Theresa was one of the kindest, most selfless individuals known to ***** modern *****. ***** spent her entire life treating and ***** for the ********** individuals on the face of the planet. Her unyielding compassi*****, charity, kindness and warmth of spirit are principle that I can only ***** ***** mirror in my own small way.

Perhaps one of ***** *****est accomplishments of Mot***** Theresa's ***** is the ***** that she inspired others to ***** their lives by her *****. When we see her amazing example, it is difficult not ***** compare our sometimes-selfish lives to her selfless devotion ***** others.

***** society is greatly concerned with superficial things like material gain and physical appearance. Mother Theresa reminds us ***** the true value in life ***** not in these superficial concerns. ***** ***** shows us that true mean*****g comes from serving others, and devoting ourselves to a higher and noble cause than ourselves.

***** Theresa's example transcended all religions, and all races. She was a white, Christian woman, in the *****ndian society of Hindus, Sikhs and Budd*****ts, ***** yet she ***** con*****red a saint in all ***** eyes. I can ***** hope to live my life by this example, and to see ***** true compassion ***** kindness transcends race and religion, ***** that all individuals in our world deserve unending support and kindness.

Mo*****r Theresa truly made the ***** a ***** place *****cause ***** lived. If I live my life with some of ***** same selflessness, kindness ***** charity in


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